Payton takes the Friday Win at Midland!

If you are wondering where the kitchen sink went that the Shirey Clan left behind in Midland; well it was picked up by The Kiphart Clan. Payton, Piper and Val all came to Michigan to make a statement and that they did.

Payton has stepped up her game on the high caliber horses of Zevi Echo Bar (Maynard) and Dashing French Lady (June); her teammates. They are and will continue to be the team(s) to beat!

On Friday Payton and Maynard came in hot and left hot, they ran 45th and held the lead to the end against some amazing teams. Jake Anderson would finish 2nd on his horse Angels-N-Phantoms and right on his heels was Val she would end up 3rd – All Qualifying for the Open Slot Race at the BOTB in August.

Payton’s Friday win also won her the youth Sidepot that gave her Qualifying right to the Youth Slot Race at the BOTB in August. She also placed 5th in the Open on Saturday and won the Youth Sidepot. It is safe to say she will have a hard time deciding to enter the Youth or the Open Slot at the BOTB either way the choice is hers!

Piper and LSF Down Home Tuxedo (Tux) punched their BOTB ticket placing 3rd in the salty Saturday night pee wee race!! They also placed 4th in the youth 2D earlier in the day!

For us the moments after the show Friday sitting with Pap and Meem (Bruce and Connie) and talking about how proud they were of the girls and then Saturday having a similar conversation made our weekend. The love, we see not just hear, these grandparents have for them is unmeasurable. We are proud to call them all our OTR family!

If you see the Kiphart Clan around give them a high 5 on a great weekend and the ones to come.

Way to go gang!

Until we see you all again – stay kind, enjoy life it is SHORT

Dawn and Clea

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