If you want to be a vendor please complete this form and submit payment.

If you have questions please txt 330 771 3205

We will limit the same type of vendors for the show so if there is an issue with your form we will contact you otherwise you will be considered a vendor for the show.

We will ask each vendor to provide a certificate or coupon for the Friday Open Fast drags that will allow the riders to make it to your booth over the weekend. 10 per vendor will be great for you to share for the contestants – feel free to call us with any questions.

The form lets you indicated where you want to have your vendor spot. There are 2 options.

  1. In the Gilligan by the Green Wall
  2. In the Mall way outside between the Bricker and the Gilligan.

Please indicate where you want your booth / trailer / tent to be. Please note we will have security on the grounds but by being a vendor you understand that you are responsible for all your items and securing them properly.


Again any questions please text us at 330 771 3205

Until we see you – Smile 🙂

Dawn and Clea

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