What’s going on with OTR on Thanksgiving at Circle G?

We are happy to bring you the 2nd show of The Half-Baked Series

If you did not sign up at the show for the series end awards you can still do this at the Nov 25-27 show for your points to count for this show. You must go to at least 2 of the shows to be eligible for the awards at the end of the 4 shows. Ask the gals at the office for this information

We will have the extra Cash of $500 for the Top 5 riders in each D from Friday Open Barrels to run for on Saturday – That is an extra $125 bucks in someone’s pockets!

We will have the extra Cash of $250 for the Top 3 riders in each D from Friday Open Poles to run for on Saturday – That is an extra $85 bucks in someone’s pockets!

The Futurity and Derby Teams line up will run for an extra $300 NO EXTRA COST We will be doing a Calcutta for the teams. – James Earl Auctioneering services will be in the house!

Around 8:30/9:00 we will have the pleasure to listen to Dilan Peirce of Dilan Peirce Acoustic. He will have the talented Keaton Fout with him as well. For those asking about the Friendsgiving part of our show we would ask if you wanted to participate in bringing a late-night snack (we call them drunk snacks, don’t get offended please) chips, dips, pizza snack etc. This will allow us all to snack, enjoy a beverage, and listen to these amazing singers. Cole and Clea will be judging the BEST DRUNK SNACK!! Make them good

We will have Church Services on Sunday morning at 8:30. Our own Ms. Colleen and Ms. Kenzie will be giving us the opportunity to enjoy the word from God and take in all the blessings have.

The Concessions this weekend will come from Clea & Dawn’s Cantina! We have some great things lined up for the weekend at the Cantina tent by the Tractors. Like the last show we will have a limited menu and will post it at the show. We will have the coffee on and don’t forget Dawn’s Bloody Mary’s and Clea’s Mimosas to kickstart Saturday!

We will have a Cornhole Tournament Saturday Night. You can sign up for this at the show by the Tractors!

And finally, we all know it is the Ohio State and Michigan Game this weekend. We will have this on at the show by the Tractors so make sure and wear your favorite game day gear. We will be looking for 3 people with the Best Game spirit! What they will win is anyone’s guess!

Showbill is below

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