1. Oh yes. I was trying to find the updated list to make sure I was on ,Also just to see who was entered since Feb 26


  2. Sent my granddaughter to the panty raid. What she was most impressed with was your support of the youth especailly the pee wees. Thank you Rita Mills


  3. Know what there after such a good show no one knows you are probably still there on Monday taking down cleaning what has to be done yet you guys don’t get enough credit or THANKS


  4. Well ya did it again girls!! Pulled off another great show already looking forward to the botb,my niece is so excited she qualified for the peewee’s and can’t wait!!!! Go home get some sleep and get ready to do it all again.


  5. This was one of the best run shows I’ve been to!
    Not sure how you did it, but way to go!!!
    Can not imagine how much work you all put on this show!!!
    Thank you so much for all the personal attention you were able to give to everyone and anyone!!!!! Love you guys!!!!!
    “The Canadians”


  6. What was the guys name that was doing the entertainment in the tent, Saturday nite? He did a really awesome job. Had a great time…..Thank you


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