Show Rules and Details of the Panty Raid and BOTB


  • 100% of added money and % noted on the showbill of remaining entry fees will be paid back to contestant in all classes.  Payment for classes will not be given out if your account is not paid or has open check. $50 fee for NSF checks.
  • All Winners will need to sign for their winning and file out a w9 if over $500 in winnings
  • If we forget a rule on here ask us we will tell you what the rules are.


  • A Negative Coggins is required for all out of state horses as well as an update CVI. – This is the riders responsibility to obtain and have present if ask to present. This is a state wide equine traveling rule and is 100% the riders responsibility to obtain if ask to be seen by a health official.  Should you not have this you will be ask to leave the grounds.
  • On the Road with Dawn and Clea Show Productions, G4 Horse ranch, Dawn or Clea, BBR,NBHA, BFA, IBRA, NPBA, Champions Center, George Bush, Bill Clinton, even Obama or anyone else, is not responsible for loss of, or death, or injury from any accidents to horse or rider – ride at your own risk.
  • Entries will close for each class once the first horse in that class runs unless otherwise posted on the showbill.
  • Once the draw is posted there will be no changes to the running order
  • NBHA, IBRA, BFA and NPBA fees included in entry fees for approved classes will be taken out before processing payout
  • Dress Code Dress Code is Western Hat, Jeans, Boots, Long Sleeved (does not have to be collared) Shirt – Please see the BBR for rules of The American.
  • Helmets are encouraged but not required.
  • 2D and 3D classes are full sec splits. 4D classes are ½, 1, 2-sec splits. 5D classes are 1/2 second splits. Pee Wee – 10 and under , Youth is 18 & under, Masters is over 40 and Senior is 50 & over as of Jan. 1, 20xx. (of the current year) These are according to any sectioned associations – Non sanctioned classes will be posted on flyer  –
  • Showbill subject to change at any time and will have a revised date.


  • Pee Wee Riders can enter other classes as well. Your child can NOT enter the Pee Wee Class if they have ever placed in the 1st or 2nd Division Top 5 of an Open 4D IBRA or NBHA show.  We are sure everyone will use their head as to weather their child is a Pee Wee or a Youth Rider.  We love seeing the kids run lets make it great for them and lets make it great for the future.


    • Stalls – $60.00 for the weekend- Grounds fee – $10.00 per horse per day if not stalled  – must have stall if available for over night stay.
    • Electric-$30.00 per day (facility rules). BRING A GENERATOR  SORRY it is a facility fee as of Jan 1 2014  ! Shavings: priced at the show 6-7 – no outside bedding allowed (facility rules).  Shavings are bought separately on the grounds.
  • Futurity will have 2 go-rounds Reverse Order 2nd Go – 30% of monies per go, 40% to the average. Futurity payback will be made on Sunday, only, 60 minutes after the class. Total time of both go-rounds determines winner.
  • BFA rules apply to 4YR old futurity – remember forward motion can not be stopped or you will be disqualified


  • For all other classes you must have Forward Motion or you will be fined – see bottom of page under fines
  • You must check in at the Gate and be in Holding pen – You will be called 3 times then scratched without a return of entry fee.  Please be ready to ride 🙂
  • Warm Up is considered outside in the covered arena or in the outdoor open arena
  • Use common sense in the holding pen if you are warming up please this area is not for running your horse around or exercising a training lesson.
  • If you need to scratch a class please come to the entry booth and talk to Mari, Dawn or Clea about a possible refund.  All refunds will be handled on an one to one basis Once the class starts there will be no refunds on scratches
  • Payout will be in the form of a check. We will require a social security number for payout – this will be securely kept this is in case a  W9 is needed for your winnings. Riders must sign for their checks.  If you are unable to wait for your check please complete an envelope with your name so we may mail you the winnings.
  • No winning checks will be given to anyone with an open tab until the tab is paid in full. Winnings not picked up with in 14 days of show will remain the show committees.
  • We reserve the right to tell anyone to hit the road if they are an idiot. We reserve the right and have the right to ask anyone to leave the grounds.  This is in place the entire time we have the grounds leased.
  • Your electric must be paid prior to hook up for it is not you will be billed double the amount after the show and you will be made fun of on Facebook.
  • Target Saddle winner is the person with the closest time in their Target class – If Rider A runs a 15.550 in the Friday Open and a 15.552 in the Saturday Open and Rider B runs a 17.560 in the Friday Open and a 17.561 in the Saturday Open rider B wins the saddle.  Knocks don’t count.
  • Stalls Request: If you want stalls grouped together, please      send all forms in together. If you have a stallion or special need, send  your request to or call us at 330 592 5745
  • Drawing Out: A refund for entry fees, and RV fees, less a 25% service charge, will be granted to qualifying contestants for any reason as long as it is done 7 full business days before the start of the show (this is the day the gates open)  Reserved Stalls are non refundable.  This draw out must come in the form of a phone call and then in writing in an email to g4horseranch@g


  • Payments: Please make checks or money orders payable to      G4 Horse Ranch


  • *AT THE GATE NEED TO KNOWS: Forward motion rule applies. You will have to be checked in to holdng pen, your drag or prior. You will be scratched, otherwise. See rules on the web and at show, so you know how we roll!*
  • *Over 450 horses, Open will be 5D (half second splits)
  • Riders may ride more than one horse
  • Show management reserves the right to refuse any entry
  • Running order will be a random draw with pre-entries running first
  • Entry must be postmarked by date on the showbill
  • Draws will be posted on
  • Late entries will be added to end of draw – Late entry fees are on showbill
  • No refunds once the class starts – any other refunds request will be decided on a one on one basis
  • Stall reservations must be pre-paid in order to ensure you have a stall – you can get a stall the day of show if available
  • Participants cannot win more than one saddle – should this happen, the winner of the 2 saddles will decide which one they want to keep and the 2nd saddle will go to the next person in the placing’s in that division
  • On the Road with Dawn and Clea Show Productions, The Champions Center, IBRA, NBHA, NasCar, Bill Clinton, George Bush or anyone else is NOT responsible for theft, injury to horse rider or anyone around you
  • If you have a question or complaint you must bring $20 to the office or a 6 pack of beer for the office staff. If we determine it is a stewpit question, you will owe both.
  • Substitutions: Horse or rider substitutions can be made prior to draw being posted.  After draws are posted NO changes NONE!   This must be done on a form for the office to substitute.
  • The American has its own rules and you need to go to for this information.
  • No overnight tie-outs if stalls are available — facility rules
  • There will be a designated area for tie-outs
  • Payouts will be available one hour after classes are over unless entry booth has closed. If that is the case – they will be available the following morning


  • Fines
  • 60 second time limit on Exhibitions. $50 fine if over
  • Circling Barrel more than one time.  You are allowed your time in the arena but be courteous to the next rider. There will be a $50.00 fine if circling the barrel more than one time.
  • Stopping Forward Motion – $50.00 fine   REMEMBER once you enter the gate to run you have to continue forward motion!  You can circle outside the chute but must continue forward motion once you enter.
  • No moneys will be paid out to anyone with open fines



  1. I love the idiot rule! I think this rule should be standard at all horse shows. Thanks for pointing it out to people.


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