How did everyone like the September Showdown?

We hope you had a great time at our event for Team Marley. We will be posting all the results and information this week about the show including next years information! We can not thank everyone enough for all the help and heart put into this event. A million thank you’s will not come close!


  1. We had a fantastic time even though we went without much sleep, which means very successful turn out!! Already looking forward to next year!!! Great show!!!


  2. It truely was the BEST OF THE BEST shows!!! We should all be happy it ran as long as it did…it makes my heart sing that ssssoooo many people could come to the show!!! This is how it was in the olden days…LONG SHOWS WITH A LOT OF PEOPLE!!! We won’t let this economy drag us down, we will show them what cowboys & girls are made of!! You guys did a fantatic job!!! I had so much fun!! I am SO excited to get my jacket!! They are classy & will actually wear it all the time!! Thanks again for such a wonderful show!!!


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