Best of the Best 2012 pays out over $38,000 to riders in prize money and awards!

Just wrote the last bill out from the Best of the Best 2012!  We sure are blessed to have had such great people to share the event with.   We paid out $28,534.00 to riders in prize money, gave out over $10,000.00 in awards and had a great time!

The most important number is we raised $5182.00 for Team Marley. 

We did this without Late Fees, Processing Fees or high entries!    We did this because of all the people who came out and supported a great cause, who came to enjoy their hobby, who came to see their kids and grand kids enjoy a weekend with the ponies, who came to see if they could beat their rivals, who came for the fun of it, who came just for whatever the reason we are sure glad you were there!  We did this because of you, because of every sponsor, because of every person that touched this event.

Look for the write up on the Best of the Best 2012 for all who couldn’t be there we will give you a play by play.  As well as catch up on all the places we have been since then.

Watch for all the details of Best of the Best 2013 in the month of November.  Between work, getting caught up from the show and congress we have been busy busy like everyone. More added money, More target saddles to win and ….. oh we have some ideas!  You sponsors will be so spoiled this year!

Hope to see everyone at congress – we will have the jackets with us on Thursday and also have Ashley McGilvery’s beautiful Team Marley Saddle that she won in the Target Race with us so she can finally take it home!

We THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!

Dawn & Clea


  1. The people who organized, volunteered, sponsored, contestants, audience, vendors, owners, families, winners, knockers, and were all brilliant as they spread the love of barrel racing.

    Thank you Dawn and Clea the show was “outside the box” and is now a joyous memory.


  2. Paige Campf, my little sister had a great time! She loves her top 5 jacket and reserve buckle and you two also, thanks. Paige with the help of all of us and Natalie Davidson is overcoming autism! Dirty is sure helping too! She is an inspiration to all. Most people won’t understand what she has overcome, it is incredible. I love her cowgirl friends as compared to the school friends she is with. Thanks Nat. Thanks Dawn and Clea!


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