What happened in 2012 and what will be in 2013 for the BOTB!

Well its been just over a month since the Best of the Best.  For those of you who were not able to make it this year we hope to see you in 2013.

The show was to say the least bigger than what we ever dreamed.   It was a success for all involved.  Over the next few weeks we will be telling you all about the riders, the sponsors, the awards and everyone who made it possible to have this show.

Just like everyone, we are busy on a daily basis and after the show it took a little longer to wrap everything up before we could sit down and tell you all about it.   We are looking forward to getting the 2013 show up and rolling and have some great things planned for everyone.

So check back with us weekly to see what we have for you to read in your spare time.  All the information about the past, present and future will be on www.ontheroadwithdawnandclea.com and most will be posted on the Barrel Racing Blog as well.    The one thing we have heard since the show is that people didn’t know where to go for all the information on the BOTB so we created the On The Road with Dawn & Clea website for this reason.  This site will be for pre entries, reviews and all information about the 2013 BOTB and any shows we get information on.    Of course we will still be posting on the blog (www.thebarrelracingblog.com) but everything you need for the BOTB show and keeping up with us will be at www.ontheroadwithdawnandclea.com

As we like to hear from everyone (good or bad)  about what we are doing we would appreciate replys on any of our post so we can absorb them all and make 2013 even better.

Dawn & Clea


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