BFA is over and there should be some Happy Ohioians

Well for most of us we watched the BFA from our computers while at work, sitting at the table with our morning coffee, from our phones or while in from the barn throughout the day.   We all had someone were cheering for or wanted to see a certain horse that perhaps is related to one you have in the barn, whatever the reason it was an exciting week.

Kelly Bowser would be the top money earner from Ohio winning a place in the $100,000 slot race taking home a cool 5 figures.  He won this on top of Evidence of Arson. Danielle and Kelly will both be looking for a repeat in the years for come with their Dash Ta Fame baby that Danielles great horse Dolly gave birth to this year.  Congrats to both of you.

The Henning Girls would come home with their heads high.  As Joel had the girls exhibition the 3 year olds over the past 3 months you could see the progress and wonder would they make the cut for running with the big boys and girls of the futurity world.   The answer would be yes!  Both girls did a great job.

Morgan would have a little trouble with her girl Lily but anyone can see the potential of futurity stardom is there.  Regan and Lucy had much better luck for their first go around in the futurity world.  Both girls ran in other classes as well and had a little trouble but would come back the next day to show Oklahoma was these Ohio girls were made of.

Lucy and Regan would some back in the 2nd round of the Juvenile Race and take the lead for a while then in the end she would place 4th out of 400 plus horses.  She was in fact running with the big dogs.   Both girls would come back in the Youth and shine.  With a few issues on Perky in the earlier classes a horse change for Regan was all but evident after the run in the juvy.  Morgan would clip a barrel but ran a top 5 time and with a new bull-dog on the line if only Lucy and Regan can win the Youth they will be stopping for the new dog that Dad promised with a win………….Ding Ding Winner Winner.  Regan takes home the win of the Youth class!  Congrats Regan and Lucy.  Both girls have always been two to watch and you can bet 2013 will be no different.  Congrats Regan and Lucy on your Championship Win at the BFA

Valerie Watson would have some great runs on her horses that would get her back to the futurity and the derby finals.  It was great to see Val running the young horses she put so much work into.  She would give credit to Kerry Greuey where credit was due on the sale of her young horse and the hard work and pride Kerry puts into clients horses. Congrats Val on your week at the BFA.

Jimmy and Cody Bryant would grace the race at the BFA doing what they know how to do!  Be awesome riders, great friends and taking home some money.  Danette Potter riding a beautiful grey stallion and Matt Boice onboard Jackie Dotson’s buckskin would grace the arena. Kebo Almond would ride Nancy Adkins horse for the weekend.  Troy Crumrine would jockey a couple of horses to the finals for a paycheck at the end of the weekend.

Part of everyone who watches the BFA thinks one day they would love to be in that arena. For those of you who have already graced it we are proud to be a part of the cheering section and hope to be there one day as well.

Safe travels to all and we will see you down the road at the next race

Remember be kind to everyone

Dawn and Clea.

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  1. Nice report! Thanks for the mention…very proud of Kelly and Marley :). And you’re right, 2015 better watch out for Pineapple Xpress!


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