Meet the Davidson Tribe

Have you ever been to a the grocery store and see children running rampit through the isles and their Mother is doing one to two things:

1. Totally ignoring them as they climb shelves, run and yell obnoxiously or

2. The Mom is yelling and screaming louder than the kids are stating “I’m gonna whip your ass”….but never really doing anything about it.

Ok well this is NOT something you will ever see when you see Lori Davidson and her children out anywhere.  The L Train, as we and many others call her, is the mother of 9 – that is right 9 children.  As a matter of fact  we have heard people ask about her for one reason or another and describe her as ” you know that lady with 9 kids”

The Mom – Lori Davidson  – When I first meant this small framed, dark hair louder than normal woman, I thought there is no way she is old enough to have 9 children but…. as her children came to her side one by one it was clear she did in deed have alot of children and there was no doubt who their Mother was.  She was louder than normal by necessity and she is a Mom that takes NO BS from any of her kids nor do they send any her way. If she drops the F Bomb (and if you know her she does here and there) – you bet those kids are ready to pay attention

The Children – Eric, Natalie, Mallorie, Mitch, Macie, Ellie, Annie, Abbie, Ross

The Davidson’s are known in the barrel community as the Davidson Tribe – and they can run with the best of them. You will never see one without at least one other and you sure won’t see them without a pack of dogs – big and small with them.

Natalie – 23 Rides Ninnekahs Jet “Jeter” Natalie has many wins to her credits.  Most recently she was the 1D champion for Ohio IBRA, Placing at Congress 2012,  winner of the Open at Circle G in November over Natalie and JeterThanksgiving while competing against 250+ head. She was in the Best of the Best 2012 with Jeter and her late horse Willis (look for details on the Best of the Best Race 2012 next week)  Natalie not only runs the local shows, state and national open shows but has also made her name in the Rodeo world with her boyfriend Dave Treharne by her side. This couple is a couple to watch on the rodeo road.

Mallorie-17 Mallorie Even though Mallorie took a little break from the barrel scene to be a teenager she is back to let everyone know that she did miss a beat.  She rides Ought to Be a Native and rides this bay horse very well.  With the start of a season under her belt Mallorie took her pony to the All American Quarter Horse Congress to run in the sweeps.  Although she did not take home the win she gave a great showing.  Keep your eyes open for the cowgirl she will be one to watch.

Macie-16 Macie rides a couple of horses and at anytime you can see here trying others as well.  Most know her on the big sorrel horse “Tuff” Three Bar Meyers and a little Appy Gypsy Rose.  Both of these horses qualified Macie for the Best of the Best 2012 and Tuff would carry her to the Championship.  She would be named 2012 Best of the Best ChampionMacie and Tuff (look for details on the Best of the Best Race 2012 next week)  She has won several Youth and Open classes at open shows from Ohio to Indiana and south of the Ohio line.  Macie has no intentions of slowing down and we will be looking for her at the BOTB 2013 for sure.

Ellie-11-He new mount is Cliff AKA Clifford the Big Red Dog.  This 17 year young sorrel horse has found a home for life (we think) and a rider who he loves.  This was evident when she sat on him for the first time to run the cans at Circle G during the Thanksgiving weekend.  Although she would tip a barrel in the youth class or she would have taken the win – she was in the Top 15 in the big class out of 250+ head.  Way to go Ellie.  Look out Best of the Besters  she is ready to get qualified.  Here is what you will be up against.  Listen to her sister cheering her on to the end..

Annie-10 The little Blonde Boomer will be a force in the near future.  She rides a steadThe Tribe called Dustys Easter Star. This little gal rides with as much energy and want to as the big girls.  She captured the 4th Division at the September Showdown while her sisters ran the Best of the Best class.  You don’t want to miss this little gal running when they call her on deck.  Annie, Abbie and Ross seen here with Big sis and the rest of the tribe look forward to the day they are able to be wearing a Congress Jacket.

Abbie-8 and Ross-7- round out the Davidson clan with a little pony called Zippy.  You can bet that when Annie moves up the Davidson horse chain these two will be fighting for Dustys Easter Star.

Eric and Mitch are two that are not in the horse scene, at least for the time being.  They are letting the Barrel Racing up to the Magnificent Seven!  and the L-Train to of course.

We have to give props to Doug Davidson for obviously being a supportive part of the Davidson Tribe.  Although we never see him (I have once) we know he is behind the scenes.

One thing you will always see are the Davidson kids doing is lugging saddles, taking care of horses, warming up the horses and generally doing it as a team.  For the children out there who’s Mom does everything for you and you just jump on after you have been playing at the sand pile – you should take a couple of lessons from the Davidson kids and give your Mom a break.

We are glad to know them all and wish every one of them years of clean runs and great times for great memories.

Please be kind to everyone, until next time

Dawn and Clea

PS Next week – relive the Best of the Best 2012 with a play by-play from our prospective and watch for the qualifying rules for the Best of the Best in 2013


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