What is this – Body By Vi Hubb Bubb all about?

Since early summer, we have heard all about the 90 Day Challenge, Body By Vi and like most, Clea and I were like “What the heck is it? How much does it cost? How do you use it? And the big question – Does it work?

Well, after a few months of watching the transformation on Facebook friends and seeing people in person that look absolutely amazing – we decided to try it. I am not one to stick to a diet at ALL! Clea is way better at that, but I said I would try it with her. So we did. Here is what we found –

We both lost 6 pounds in the first 2 weeks, we actually liked the shakes and we were not starving ourselves (Good Lord we would not want that). So then Congress came around and yep; stromboli’s, apple dumplings and a few calorie filled beverages would override the Vi shakes. We both came home feeling not so healthy. We really did not think about the health part of the shakes as much as the diet part. So we jumped back on the shakes and, you guessed it, we both agreed we felt much better when drinking them. Then it really became about feeling better and not just the weight loss. Now we can kill 2 birds with one stone; be healthy and lose weight!

Now that Christmas is over and I have devoured all of the chocolate covered peanut brittle that Kenzie and the Wokutch family sent us, I’ve added a couple more pounds back on. However, that does not scare me because I went right back to drinking the shakes, 2 times a day and eating a healthy meal. It’s very easy to stay on the shakes there are several recipes to use but personally I mix with 1% chocolate milk and out the door.

2013 season will be here soon and I know we ride better a few pounds lighter and I know that the horses appreciate it too. For a sooner goal, Key West is in February, and I am sure I will love to be in my shorts by then!  No swim suit though – that damn Shayne Wentling is going and no one will look good when that woman is around. Luv ya Shayne!

Clea and I have decided to jump on the Body By Vi challenge and see what we can accomplish. We have also decided to help Amy Snyder-McCartney promote the product which means we can accomplish 3 things: Be Healthy – Lose Weight -and Earn Money! We want the money to go to good use and cannot think of anything better than Team Marley 2013.Body By Vi

All money earned through Body By Vi will go toward The Best of the Best 2013 show for Team Marley. So, if you are thinking of trying the product, go to www.Ontheroadwithdawnandclea.bodybyvi.com and help yourself and help others as well.

If you have any questions, please let us know. Contact us through the above link or anyway possible and we will get you the information that you need.

Get Healthy – Lose Weight and if you are looking for extra bucks for fuel this year it is possible, if you want it to be!

As always, be kind to one another and love one another a little more

Until next time,

Dawn and Clea

PS It may take us 8 months to do the 90 day Challenge because that is how we roll but seriously it is very easy and affordable.   We hope you try it for your health!


    1. It is about $100 a month and cuts out 2 meals a day. It is worth it I was like i am not paying that I won’t stick to it. But we did and we do! You can cancel at any time. They send it out each month every 30 days and if you don’t want it you just call and say Stop Please! There are a million other items that you can get but we don’t we only get the shakes and we can make things with them They have a great on line support group for recipes and all.


  1. I love Body by Vi, ive managed to lose 20 pounds on it, not following it very well at all, I became a distributor so I could help people get the same results as me. If only I could follow it better, I could see better results, but im sorta addicted to food lol.


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