Justin and Peyton’s Parents – Get to Know The Theado’s

Have you ever meant a family and knew from the beginning that they were a tight-knit type of family.  Well this is The Theado’s to Clea and I.  Tom, Jody, Justin and Peyton.

The Theado's

We first got to know them from when they would have shows at their previous home 4T Arena.  We loved that pen!  They were kind from the word go and they were people you want to keep on your friends/family list.

Justin and Peyton all though they are the typical fighting brother and sister they are great kids and are being raised by great parents.  You can tell the love they have for one another and it makes us proud of them.

Justin is wise beyond his years and sometime thinks he is wiser then he is… (your step mother Clea said that Justin). Justin will help anyone he can and does not think twice about it.  He is riding Rose and Andy this year.  Justin & AndyAndy has been a great horse for him and with a little TLC came back at the end of this season to say “We are still here watch for us in 2013”  You keep being who you are Justin – we like you just the way you are…. Clea says “most of the time- the other times she wants to throat punch you”  xxxooo  Thank you for all the help at Springfield!

Peyton is a young lady figuring out who she is and who she wants to be in the great thing we call life.  One thing she has figured out over the past year is she does not need to be in anyones shadow in the barrel racing arena.  She has also figured out how to be a great friend when most would walk away.  She has a new horse this year to work withTom's Daughter and of course she has Tucker who went from the 3D to the 1D in the past year.  This was all due to Peyton’s hard work, dedication, great care and drive to be better.  You will see her on our yellow horse to I am sure in 2013… She did a great job at Springfield with him and he loves her.  Great Job Peyton we are proud of you.

No matter what these 2 young people do in the barrel racing community, school activities, family gathering or just being at home one thing is for sure, they have the utmost respect for their parents and everything they have.  This is a wonderful thing to see.

Jody is quiet yet says a lot with her expressions. She makes the Best Salsa this side of the Mississippi.  She always seems to have a kind word about anyone that is the topic Jody & Peytonof onversation and she always in tune with her children.  We never really, in the couple of years we have known them, seen Jody get to excited about anything THEN ONE DAY – IT HAPPENED.  As we are sitting at the 2nd barrel at Springfield waiting for Peyton to enter the arena, it happens, Jody (AKA Theado film crew) is ready to film Peyton when she realizes the time is not stopped and if Peyton comes through the time line it will stop the clock not start it.   Jody, in an uncharacteristic form starts to throw her arms in the air and started screaming  TIMER TIMER – STOP – THE TIMER.  As she sees she can not get the attention of the announcers booth her attention turns towards the shoot area – PEYTON WAIT TIMER TIMER – All of the frantic emotions would be wasted.  Clea and I are ready to jump over the 5 people in front of us to get to her and help her as our attention is solely focused on Peyton and her coming up the alley way and we are clueless that the timer is not shut off and until Jody points like Babe Ruth to Center Field at the timer – it is then we realize it not working.   Everyone then yells for Peyton to stop and as any great rider is in tune with her horse and hears nothing but her own voice and the voice of Tucker turning 3!

She had a really nice run but no time.  She scurries off of her horse as Joe the announcer says when she will be running again Peyton then realizes she needs to tell them when she can run (her Dad is saying Get Up There and tell them –  Get Up There and tell them when you want to run.)  In a moment of craziness Peyton decides she can leap over the fence……….. ahhhhhhhhh not so much!  It was a skip over at best with an almost nose dive into the cement floor.  You guessed it – we all giggled.   All was good Jody calmed down, Peyton got to run again and Tom was glad she got to run where she wanted to.

Tom is one of the most honest, hard-working, lend a hand when needed, dedicated to his children and gracious man that we know not to mention Ohio’s Best Tractor Driver.  (Did we mention he is a lady’s man too) The Lady's ManThe Springfield show in November (you know the one we thought we needed to call 911 for Jody)  allowed us to talk to Jody and Tom a little more.  Tom was not on the tractor and we both saw him in a little different light. He was the doting father to Peyton with her new horse Martha. He was very in tune to what Peyton was trying to accomplish and had some great in site to the horses.  He was in the warm up pen helping her the entire time.  It was a nice aspect of Tom that we had never seen and it put a smile on our faces along with this picture. Thomas the Cowboy

Earlier in the year at the Best of the Best Show 2012 we had the ground all taken care of and had a couple of really good drivers (Joe J and Andy S) that were well prepared for the weekend.  As prepared as we were.  However with the numbers that rolled into the WB Ranch that weekend we would need some ground assistance. Enter Tom T. and Ben L. both men were gracious enough to get the ground back to where it needed to be and then have the original drivers take over.  In the hub bub of all the chaos it ended up that Tom would stay on the tractor till the wee hours of the morning with the help from Ben, Justin T, Doc G, Carl F, Dustin W and Bruce V.   He did not have to nor did any of the other gentlemen but they all did and we can not thank them enough!

Tom would come to the rescue again in December.  At the end November Debbie from Springfield would call us and let us know that for the December show she needed a tractor driver and could we help.  Well of course we would certainly try.  We one phone call Tom T. would come through again.  This time he would have a student in the process.  Clea who uses our 4 in 1 to drag our outdoor but never had to operate one at a show was more than willing to suck up all the knowledge she could.  Tom would bring his tractor so there were 2 tractors and hopefully make things go faster.  Well that worked because during the BIG drags Joe Coalter (Champion Centers Announcer) would say – Hey can you guys slow it down so a man can get something to eat!

Justin would come to ride the tractor with Clea and give her pointers as well.  It would turn out that Justin and Tom do things a little differently but still do a wonderful job.  While Justin was saying do this Tom was gesturing to do something else.  Clea just kept motioning me for a Corona!

We quickly discovered that Tom is without a doubt the TRACTOR MAN on Ohio but he will not get the Best Teacher award!  He told Clea “ok get on there and lets drag.” Her bewildered look at me was saying “WTH am I suppose to do”.  We quickly realized a few things about this schooling session.

1. Get out of Tom’s way he does not move from his course.

2. Watch where he points because that is the only direction you will get

3. Get out of Tom’s way he does not move from his course.

4. Know how to read dirt drawings because when you mess up he is come from the other side of the pen at a high rate of speed and draw it out for you.

In the one instance, Clea in the driver’s seat of the John Deere and Justin perched above her on the fender both chatting about how well they think things are going and how Tom’s lessons are trial and error.  You make an error and you think you are on trial for it!  At that moment as Peyton and I were standing at the railing Tom would come a crossed the pen like a lightning bolt and say ” WHAT ARE YOU BLIND”  Clea and Justin’s faces were priceless.  Peyton and I were laughing as Tom busted out laughing after he said it.

All in all it was a great experience and Clea did learn a lot.  If you ask her she will say Yes I did I learned “Don’t look at Tom when you are driving that way he can not throw his hands in the air at you to say “What the hell are you doing” and she will tell you ” You have to be a mind reader and since she is not she just drinks more prior to each Big Drag – helps her think”   Tom and Justin were great to rescue the Champion Center and we were glad to spend the weekend with them.

If you don’t know the Theado’s please introduce yourself one day as they are a pleasure to know.

Until we see you again,

Be kind to everyone and don’t forget love each other a little more.

Dawn and Clea

PS Watch for the year in review including the BOTB 2012….  Yes Justin I am getting it all done XXOO

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