Prayers Needed

As we sit here this morning after doing morning chores, chatting about life, sipping on coffee and getting ready to get our day started we read on Facebook about Isaac Merkrebs from his daughters page.

Jessica Merkrebs -> I wanted to update everyone. The bleeding stated again yesterday afternoon which was the worst possible news. However he is still responding to commands and his neurosurgeon said he’s never seen anything like it. My dad is a fighter and had a very strong will which I’m sure you all already know! His dr said as long as he’s still fighting were going to keep fighting for him. He can definitely hear us so the more visitors the better!! He is at Riverside hospital room #6126. Feel free to come anytime! I can’t thank all of you enough for your kind words it has helped me get through this much better.

For those of you who know Isaac you know he is a determined man and a nice man. Although usually has something off the wall to say or talking in a Montana Cowboy voice as if he just had gotten off the range he will have a story for you.   Krebs has always been a fighter in the barrel arena as well and there is no doubt every time  “Krebs” enters the arena you can be sure everyone has always and will always be cheering for him to make a good clean safe run.

For all the people who cheer Isaac on in the arena we would ask that you take a min and send a prayer to Isaac and his family that God’s Will bring him through this ordeal and he is back in the saddle.

Remember – Life is precious, make every minute count.


Until we see you again – Be kind to everyone
Love one another just a little more

Dawn and Clea


  1. Could we please add our great friend Bonnie Kyser and her family to Friends Who Need Prayers? They definitely could use it. Her son Chad has been severely injured in a snow mobile accident and has a very long road ahead of him. We would appreciate it.


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