THANK YOU from the Panty Crew

We wanted to take a minute to tell you THANK YOU each and every person that will be attending and those of you who are not able but called to say they will be at the BOTB.  We can not thank THE ROAD CREW that will be at the PR making the show possible.  We could not do it without all of them!  THANK YOU   When you see them at the show please say “Thanks for helping with the Panty Raid” they will appreciate it.

Clea and I thought we would try to have a small spring show, no awards nothing special,  to make some money for the BOTB in September.  We added the futurity in hopes it is a success so we can have that next year as well.   We would like the northeast to be able to enjoy the futurity shows without paying a fortune in travel. We believe there are great horses in this area that need a place to shine so we hope we can bring that to you now and in the future.  We didn’t get sponsors – correction we do have one  Heath and Sara Boucher.  Heath & Clea bribed me with a $500 sponsor to keep the name Panty Raid.   Thanks Heath and Sara we appreciate the money and the name sake.

We are so excited about the Pee Wee Race.  Friday should be exciting to see who makes the Top 10 and then to watch them run for the Future BOTB Champion Spot on saturday before the Open – Remember the Top 10 from the Panty Raid will come back and run at the BOTB in September against the Top 10 from the Sept Show.   This is gonna be exciting.   The Pee Wee Champion at the Panty Raid will receive a custom breast collar from Graham Equine.

Our goal has been and will always be to provide a fun show with good added money for low fees.   We have been told by several people that we need to raise our stall fees, raise entries so we can make more money.  Ummmmmmm our response….. NO we look at the fees from everyone’s point of view and we always ask ourselves “would we pay that much for stalls?”  “How many horses can we afford to take?”  We are the working middle class and we want the hard-working family’s to be able to bring their kids and be able to afford to run.

Will we make some money for the BOTB? God we hope so – we have alot of awards to pay for, you know the awards we said we were not having at this show.  To us it is not about making money as show producers (that’s funny to call us that)  It is about putting on the best show we can without us going broke buying awards, paying for help, the facility and everyone enjoying the weekend with great friends and cheering each other on.  If we get out of this show and it does not cost us money we will be happy.  If we make 1000 bucks for the Open in the BOTB to give back to the riders then we will be so freakin’ happy!   This is about the barrel racing community and the kids and Team Marley this is not about Dawn and Clea making money.

So we can not wait to see you all at the Panty Raid!  There are custom Halters from Graham Equine and Kent Logan, Blankets for your Horses made By Nancy, A Target Saddle from Cactus – it is a Beaut! – Breast collar for the Futurity and Pee Wee Champ form Graham Equine, A Reserve Target Champ Jacket  and more…………….

Until we see you again

Love one another a little more, enjoy your life – it is short and be happy!

Love and Kisses

Dawn & Clea


  1. U Guys are GREAT. Thank You from someone who knows how much work and how stressful putting on shows are. Just was touched by the email. And wanted to say U ar greatly appreciated by all.



  2. Just wanted to send you a note and let you know that we only need three stalls instead of five. I believe you have me listed under Cheryl Emblem (Eblin). LOL. I know you said spelling would not be right. LOL.


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