Panty Raid Target Saddle -WOW Thank you Cactus Saddle

We really don’t have to say much – Look at this beaut!  We told you in the last post about the awards, and that this saddle was gonna be a goodie.  Cherie at Cactus Saddle can rock out a saddle like no other.  THANK YOU SO MUCH for the beautiful work…..  Wait for her BOTB ones in the fall

Get those horses ready for the show to have a chance to win this baby!

PR Target Saddle PR Target Saddle 3 PR Target Saddle 2


  1. I sure hope i don’t win that girly looking saddle. Should have made it less feminine for the few males that will be in attendance.


  2. wow this saddle is so beautiful. and the horse that wins it will look great with it sitting on its back goodluck everyone


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