$2000 Average Race – Roll Overs – Target Race and more

Spring has finally sprung.  It was a great day up at 6 AM and just now got in the house.  I love the warm weather.  We think we have about 75% of everything packed and ready to roll to The Champion Center for the Panty Raid.  We hope everyone had a great day and got to get out in the sunshine, it makes for a great day.

Below are a few things that might interest you for the up and coming weekend at the Panty Raid.

First, Clea and I have decided that we are going to put $2000 up for grabs on a 3 run average.

For anyone coming to the Panty Raid and the Best of the Best show in September you can have a chance to win part of the $2000 buckaroos!  Here is how it works enter the 2K Avg Race for $10 bucks then run the Saturday and Sunday Open at the Panty Raid come back to the Best of the Best in September and then run the Open at the Best of the Best ($4000 added at the time of this post) and we will pay $500.00 to the winner of each Division on a 3 run average.  You can enter as many horses as you wish.   If you and your horse are a clean running team then you could take home some of this cash.   Full details will be at the entry booth at The Panty Raid April 12-14, 2013.

Second, we have added Roll Overs to the show.  With the number of stalls reserved we thought it best to give the options of rollovers for those who prefer to roll that way. (that was sorta funny)  Please note some roll overs will not allow you to enter the Target Race.

Futurity can roll to the Saturday Open and Sunday Open

Womens &  Mens class can roll to the Saturday Open

Saturday Open can roll to the Sunday Open

Sunday Open can roll to the Sunday Masters or Youth Class

Third, The Target Race.  This is a race of consistency.

First Place is that beautiful Target Saddle from Cactus Saddlery  PR Target Saddle

Second Place is a embroidered Panty Raid Jacket

Third Place is a jug of Equine Mega- Omega Oil  from Becky Johnson and Crystal Haskins – They will be set up as a vendor at the Panty Raid.  Stop on by.

Autumn this is for you… You enter to win the Target Saddle.  You enter the Friday Night Open and run a 15.234 then you run the Saturday Open and run a 15.236.  Ben E Bigrigger pulls into the show and enters the Target Race, he runs a 14.900 in the Friday Night Open and then in the Saturday Open runs a 14.903.    YOU WIN because you are only .002 off of your times and he is .003.    Ben E Bigrigger is sent on down the road crying the blues.    Anyone can win no Division Required.

You have to run the Saturday Open and pick your other target class from the qualified classes.  Full details will be at the entry booth at The Panty Raid April 12-14, 2013.

A couple final things for the night. 

We have a face painter coming to the show on Saturday from 11 -3.  Keep an eye out for her and send the kids her way to share her talents with your family.  We hope you enjoy it.

Entry booth will  open at 8 AM on Friday Morning.  Exhibition will start at 10 AM  Please purchase exhibitions at the office.

If you are coming Thursday Night you are more than welcome but there is an additional fee.  Gates will open at 5 PM and there is an additional charge of $20.00 per stall.  This is a facility rule 😦 .  Sorry

We will have someone at the maim entrance to get and give you information.   Please stop at the Gate to get your stall assignments.

If you need us or have any stall changes please call one of our cell phones and let us know what changes you have.  We are looking forward to see you all and please safe travels.

Until we see you again… xxxooo and THANK YOU again for every person attending this show and making it what it is shaping up to be.

Dawn and Clea.

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