The Panty Raid – On the Web

Our dear Natalie Larizza was injured earlier in the year and will not be able to make the Raid so we will be bringing it to her.

Justin Spivey has put together an awesome webpage for people to view while watching The Panty Raid.  This will be an all weekend event and we want you to be looking your best as you never know who will be watching.  He will have all up to the minute draws and results on the page and there is no cost to watch the webcast but any donations will be appreciated.  Justin will be giving $2.00 of each donation to Team Marley for the BOTB in September.   THANK YOU JUSTIN.

Justin  will also be there to take photo’s at several angles.  If you have seen his photo’s you know you want to be looking as spiffy as you can for this weekend.    He will also be adding to the items you can win at The Panty Raid… Keep an eye out for that at the show.

We would encourage you to wear your hats, and long sleeves for this show but you will not be fined or in trouble if you don’t.  Shirts with sleeves over the shoulder, western footwear of course and yes pants (Aaron Moon) are required.  Helmets are encouraged but not required.  IBRA and NPBA dress rules do apply for those classes.

You will be able to watch the Panty Raid at Click Webcast in the top right corner.

Until we see you again.  Love one another a little more and enjoy each day.

Dawn and Clea

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