The PR Results are here!

Good Afternoon Everyone!   We hope this post finds you on your way to resting from the Panty Raid.  What a long but nice  weekend.  We have so much we want to tell you about from the weekend and we will certainly get some post up and welcome your comments.  There are a few things we want to tell you today though –

First – Thank you for coming to the show and making it a success.  Without everyone’s participation The Panty Raid would not have been what it was.  We had people from all over haul in and we can not thank you enough for traveling as far as you did to run with us.

Second- We must thank the people who helped make it all possible.  Our co workers in crime that kept everything going.

When we recruited all the workers we said – and I quote – “We just want to have a little show to raise some money for the BOTB show in September” then 2 weeks before the show we get a text that says “WTH all the stalls are sold out are you kidding me- I thought this was to be a little show”  We did giggle and say so did we.   We shortened the showbill and added side pots and hell we got a band as we did all the numbers and at the latest thought the show will be over at 10- 10:30.  So it didn’t exactly turn out that way but it did turn out great!  Our Thanks go out to –

Tom and Justin Theado for never leaving their post and making sure the ground was safe for all the runs.  You boys rock!

Bruce Vansickle for stepping in when Justin needed to run his horse and for always making sure the kids are takin care of.

Doc Greuey and his crew of barrel setters for never backing out when he knew it was gonna be an all nighter.

Becky Johnson, Helen Chambers and Don Holden for never leaving the gates unattended.  Sheri Schnikey for making sure everyone was ready to roll and her crew for all the extra help.  Chrissy and Josh for being their back up.

Branden and Ashley Tyler for coming all the way to The Panty Raid to help wherever it was needed. We love you!

Our On the Road Chiropractor that we added to the road crew Dr. Murphy.  He has a blast and we are sure you will be seeing more of him.

Momma Lynn and Aunt Carol, Homer and their crew for a non stop weekend of work and keeping the trailers coming in the grounds, the stalls in order and anything else we needed.  We would be lost without you.  Sydney for coming to get me when Stuck ran off.  Oh my that was terrible – Jenna Shirey thank you for checkin in later.

Last but not least the Crazy Office Crew. OMG we would be crazier than we are without them.  Most of you don’t know that Saturday Morning we had a little system glitch that caused us to have to retype everything that went in the system on Friday so we could have results.   Which is why it took so long to get the results out.  We never wanted to delay the show (Lord knows it ran long enough) so it was all done by hand then had to come downstairs to get in the computer. You will see how Saturdays results look a little different from Fridays.  Lord oh Lord what a weekend.   So we do apologize for the delay in the results being up but we had to double check everything once it all was reentered.   This is also why we did not have draws for the webcast. Natalie we are sorry about that.  We thank you for your patience.

Mari,Connie, Robin, Kara, Ellen, Leon, Shirley, Ms Moon, Lanelle the Announcer for your countless hours and hard work.   Margaret, Kylee and Morgan for being runners.   You all deserve a raise and we will be giving you one.  50% of what you were paid the last time.  Don’t spend that all in one place 🙂

For now we will just say Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  The Panty Raid would not have been what it was without you!

I still don’t have my voice, Clea still can’t feel her legs but we are on the mend.   We must mention that we told Mari she did such a great job she was surely hired for the BOTB in September.  She replied “As soon as she is out of her comma she will be sending her resignation letter” We threw our heads back with an evil laugh and said ” It is like making a deal with the devil, once you sign up as the Road Crew with On the Road with Dawn and Clea there is no turning back!”  She cried.

We must tell you we will not be having anymore marathon shows we are figuring out a way to run them til the latest 11 or so.  It is hard on everyone running so late and we know that.  We do thank each one of you for hanging in there with us.

Until we see you again… Love one another a little more, enjoy your life it is short – and this isn’t a dress rehearsal.

Love and kisses to all

Dawn and Clea

PS don’t for get to look at all the pics on the web from Justin Spivey


2D Poles Friday Results

Pee wee Results


Futurity 2nd go

Futurity 1st go

Futurity Final

Mens Results

Womans Results

Poles Saturday Results

Side Pots Senior and Youth

4D Open Saturday


4D Open Sunday

Masters Sunday Results

Youth Sunday Results


  1. Thank you soooo much for posting the results!! But Im I missing Fridays open? Also who won that beautiful saddle?
    Thanks again for a GREAT show!! Cant wait for the BOTB


  2. Thank you. Friday’s night results were at the show at this moment I do not have them with me due to my computer being jacked up. We will however try to get them on there in the near future. As for the pee wee’s yes mam i will get them up there. The Target information will be posted later this week or early next. Thanks for all your kinds words.


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