Panty Raid is over and the BOTB Awaits

Marissa Today Marissa Mooney from Sandy Lake is our cover girl.  Her, her Mom and friends hauled to the Panty Raid for a weekend of barrels and fun.  This picture shows are determination on the barrel racing side of things and we sure hope she had fun as well.

Yesterday we were unable to attend the show at Henderson and one of our favorite little gals qualified for the Best of the Best.

Not only did one but 2 young lady’s qualified in the Top 3 of the 1D to be able to run at the Best of the Best in September.    Peyton Theado and Breana Hemsley are both qualified to run at the Best of the Best.  We sure wish we would have been there for the wins but our hearts were right there the entire time.

Congrats girls and we look forward to telling everyone your stories in the months to come.

Until we see you- Love one another a little more and be kind to all

Dawn & Clea

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