FINALLY The Target Race Results are here!

Derek Hixon is the cover today on the Blog. He came from Kentucky to attend the Panty Raid although he did not take home any Target Race winnings he did get his name on a few paychecks. Congrats Derek and great picture.

Well finally the results are finished.  Thank you for your patience while getting them all typed up.  Most of you are unaware that we had a little computer issues at the Panty Raid – we had a back up plan that worked but was pain stakingly tedious, hence why the office staff never left the office the entire weekend.  BUT non the less cooler heads prevailed and we got it done.   As our dear friend Connie Vansickle and I kept telling each other. ” We got this”

Well we want to thank everyone for attending the show and entering the Target Race.  This is a race of consistency and from the results that is an understatement.  WE love to have a Target Saddle up for grabs for a few  reasons.  It is a great way to win a saddle without point chasing, without having to win the class and it is a great way to raise money for Team Marley!   So Thank you all who entered and best of luck in September should you bless us with your presence at the Best of the Best show!

Corey Ridenbaugh was the winner of the beautiful Cactus Saddle at The Best Little Panty Raid Futurity in Ohio.

He was riding Max & Ellen McKee’s horse “Jetta”Her registered  name is Justaleavingonajet  she is 11 years old. Max and Ellen bought her as a 3 year old from Joe & Kerri  Greuey . Kerri put the ground work and breaking into her. Max trained her for barrels and rode her after that.   With  Corey wanting to go to Panty Raid but was horseless Ellen  offered Jetta for him to ride. Corey would get her  legged her up and ready to hit the road.   Corey never rode Jetta before the PR.  At the Raid was his first  2 rides on her.  Again you don’t have to win the class to win the saddle!    Ellen ask him to enter her in target race, she would pay if she got that beautiful saddle!  Well you know the rest of the story.

Corey Ridenbaugh and Max McKee 2013
Corey Ridenbaugh and Max McKee 2013

Ellen said – Corey was so excited when he won it. He brought it home and gave it to Max and if you know Max then you know he was just as excited and had tears in his eyes.   Corey ask if anything ever happened that they didn’t want it anymore could he have the saddle it was his first one to win.  Ellen and Max both agreed for him to take it and ride in it.  All involved were happy campers!

On a generous note Ellen and Max sent us a message about the saddle and show, from Ellen ” Were just was so proud to win such a beautiful saddle. We are so grateful to you both for designing and planning a top-notch show. Words can’t say how much we appreciate all the hard work you did”

We appreciate the kind words and the love that comes with it.  We must say we could not have had such a show without all the “Road Crew” help.  We thank you all for a great show.

Delaney Nizzi will take 2nd place honors for the Target Race.  She has won a Panty Raid 2013 Jacket that she can sport in her home town of Warren Pennsylvania.   Classic Sports designed the jackets for the Panty Raid.  Nancy you did a beautiful job.

Brandon McGarvey is the 3rd place winner.  Although he and his beautiful wife Jen were sure that saddle was gonna be sitting atop RC Rockin Dannon or maybe Jennifer’s horse Little See Me Smoke they will have to wait for the BOTB in September for another try at the next Target Saddle.   They are or we should say their horses are the lucky winner of Equine Mega Omega Oil.  This was donated by Becky Johnson and her beautiful daughter Crystal Haskins.  Maybe you remember Crystal Haskins from the 2012 AQHA Congress.  She was the Amateur Barrel Champion on her little horse Sheza Streakin Bully AKA  “Dixie” who you guessed it, is on Equine Mega Omega Oil.   Look them up on Facebook or contact us if you are interested in using this great product.

Congrats to all the winners and we hope to see everyone in the fall at the Best of the Best September 13-15, 2013

Until we see you again Love and Kisses – Be just a little kinder to the next person you see!  It might make their day.

Until we see you again

Dawn and Clea

Results of the Target Race  Target Race Results

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