Pee Wee’s better get ready for the BOTB in September

Our buddy Stacy Hartman is rocking the blog cover today.  She is the NBHA 07 director and loves chasing those Target Saddles.   She was ooooooooo so close at the BOTB last year and perhaps will be right on Target at the BOTB this year.  Stacy has a little man Gus that will be hitting up the arena in the future for the Pee Wee Races.  Perhaps he will be on the list below in the near future.

At the Panty Raid we saw the Pee Wee’s bring the heat.  The top ten came back to run for a beautiful breastcollar and halter from Graham Equine.   The same Top Ten PLUS 10 more Future BOTB will be running at the September BOTB show for a $400 Pot!  This is the $320.00 from the Calcutta Money at Panty Raid that went back to the Pee Wee’s and a little extra Doc & Bonnie Greuey added.  Thanks you two!

We will again be taking the top 10 from the Friday Night class to compete Saturday in the 1st Annual Future BOTB Pee Wee Slot Race.    Watch for the showbill for all the details coming soon.

Here is how the Panty Raid Pee Wee’s finish in the Friday’s Race!  Friday Pee Wee Results

For anyone who was there for the Calcutta of the class knows all the parents, siblings, teachers and grandparents as well as  every person there was excited to see them get started.   Lanelle  Deen would bring an excitement to the air with his auctioning skills.    Fun Fun Fun

Clea and I would be in the warm up arena to listen to all the grown up’s tell the riders to ride hard, they could do this.  Some of the Mom’s couldn’t bare to think about their little ones coming up the shoot at a high rate of speed, some came to the realization that at they have hit a point of no return with speed and a new faster horse will be in the near future. You could hear one grandpa telling his grandson with the enthusiasm of a high school coach telling the QB how to win the game ” Now when you get up in there pull him around.  Drive past your barrels, Ride hard the whole way home, BUT MOST OF ALL HAVE FUN!” and that is what we love about this sport.  No matter the feelings of the non riders you could tell each rider would be ready to give it their all as the went through the gate.

Each Dressed in their black Top Ten shirts (all but one DOC) with hats, boots and nothing but grit on their faces they all hit the shoot running to a cheering crowd.  They would be running to get the awards, they would be running to get the recognition, they would be running to get the “Great Job” at the end of the shoot when they came to a stop.  No matter the reason each one did a fantastic job and will have the chance again in September to run just as hard or harder than the last time.  Kids get your horses ready to run Friday Night so you can come back on Saturday and run the slot race!


CONGRATS TO RILEY STEGNER for being the Panty Raid 2013 Future BOTB Pee Wee Champ!Future BOTB Pee Wee Top 10

The September BOTB show will bring a $400 Future BOTB Pee Wee Slot Race Saturday before the Best of the Best Slot Race that will have at least a purse of $1700 for the qualified riders.  We can not wait to tell you all about the awards and all the fun things we have planned.  One thing we DO NOT have planned is running til 4AM  NO MORE OF THAT!

We hope to see you all at the Best of the Best show in September where at press time we have at least $8000 added money to the show and 6 Cactus Saddles COUNT EM’ 6 Saddles to be given away and more to come…..

Don’t forget about our Sponsor Corral it’s gonna be a doozy this year!  For anyone who wants to help out Team Marley with a Sponsorship or Auction item please email at or Facebook Clea or I .

Until we talk again,

Remember ride hard and enjoy every minute of everyday!  Life is short and so precious.

Hugs and Kisses
Dawn and Clea


  1. You two are awesome for doing this for the kids!! Even if mine is a Brat she really had a great time after she got some sleep and thought about it!!


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