From the Panty Raid to Gifford and all that in between!

It seems like forever since we posted anything about the going ones with On the Road… Just like everyone we have been busy busy busy….Oh if we just didn’t have to work!

Although we posted some about the Panty Raid I honestly couldn’t post a lot of what went on as we were both just crazy busy.  From the computer glitch in the office to keeping the arena going it was a crazy long weekend but we can not thank everyone enough who came to support the show.    We honestly could not have done it with out all the great helpers and Road Crew.  Each show we learn a little more for the next one.

This one taught us – that we unfortunately can not trust everyone will pay for their electric, stalls or that they will tell us they came in to the grounds early. …so for the BOTB we will have some changes. Thanks to those of you who are more than honest.

This one taught us – that we will make some changes to the show bill so that we WILL NOT EVER EVER run til 4 AM  It about kilt us all!

This one taught us – that the horse world is full of great people and we absolutely love putting on these shows for the horse and rider teams and for the families to enjoy!  Kudos to all of you!

We didn’t gFuturity Champet to congratulate Regan Henning on her first futurity win the way we normally would have.   So Regan we wanted to tell you (we told your Dad but not sure he passed on the word) how happy we were that you won your first futurity in Ohio and it was at the Panty Raid.  You will be our reigning Panty Raid Champion and we will see if you can hold that title in 2014 at the 2nd Annual Panty Raid.  We can only imagine the great memories you are making with your family on your journey into and through the futurity circuit with the Big Dogs.  You are definitely a little pup with a big bite in running right with the Big Dogs.  Congrats Kiddo to you and your team mate Lucy!

Funny thing right before this pic – which we will make time for at the BOTB in September- As we have a million people looking at us for money and results Joel comes in to get Clea and myself and says “I know this is the last thing you want to do but could you come get a picture”  Clea says -ummmmmmmmm OK” Joel says “come on Dawn before you start to look any worse than you do”  I was so tired all I could do is laugh!  Ohhhhh Joel how we love you!  Good Lord could my hair look anymore like Poindexter in the picture!

Congrats again Regan and we wish you the best for the rest of 2013 and into your future!

May would bring the 1st 06 show at Canal Winchester followed by the 03 Money Maker at Circle G.  Oh my what a time we had there.  Kegan and his wife introduced us to a little place in El Dorado Ohio – Yep that is right there is an El Dorado Ohio!  The place is called Suds and it is one of the best little holes in the wall we have ever had the pleasure to enter.   Settled in the back streets of this little town (there are only 3 streets so it is not hard to find) you think it is a house but the Neon lights will surely tell you differently.   Prior to heading to Suds on Friday night let me set the scene.

Clea and I would be at Circle G early to meet up with our besties (that is so teenagerish talk I love it) Becky and Helen.  We pulled in about 3 on Friday and never stopped laughing til, well we always laugh but never stopped laughing so hard until Monday morning.   Dr. Crack A Lot would join us for the weekend equipped with a truck load of food, (you have to have that at Circle G), grill, fire pit…. you name it he had it.  He is now definitely on the Road Crew!  Leon would grace us with his presence for the weekend as well as Josh, Crystal, Jess and her crew as well as a lot of other great folks.   Clea wanted to expo poles so 5 mins before barrels were to start (we have been there 2 hours) we run up and ask Darci “can we set up poles”  and in true loud Darci she said – Of course you can!  So we scurry to get the poles up for her to make a couple expos then we all get through the barrel and we then find our way back to the camper to visit.

At some point in the evening we find our way back to the arena to gather the troops as Kegan is sure we all need to go to “Suds”  Leon backs him with the authenticity of the place and says “Let’s go”   Clea is yelling acrossed the pen to Jesse Meeks “Hey Jesse you want to make out?” Doc is laughing his a$$ off and Leon is just glad to be barrel racing.  In the meantime Helen who just told Beck ” G Dammit Becky your horse was rode enough lets Go”  While we are all still trying to get rounded up to go There comes Helen in the arena on her yellow horse.  WTH- Becky said “didn’t she just tell me not to get mine”  Clea throws her hands up and says “Here we go”   Helen looking like Dale Earnhardt Jr at the Pocono Race around and around she goes.  We all sit back with a grimace each time she would go by….. Finally we are all ready to load up and get on the road.  for some reason Clea and Doc were talking about Mexican Food and Clea says to Leon “Leon you are Mexican right” Without missing a beat Leon turns and says with his fingers atop of his head like rabbit ears and a poke to his own forehead –  ” NO I am NOT Mexican – I am Indian – and that is Feather not Dot”  OMG talk about laugh…… Clea now calls him Poke a Dot!

We all pile in the truck and head to Suds – What a time is all we can tell you – I could type forever on this trip but will leave you with the Poke A Dot story and call it good  I will say though that Leon should be on American Idol!  Thanks for the dance Leon.

Next would take us to Gifford Illinois – better know as the Gordyville Show.   Wow what a great weekend with great friends.  We are so blessed.  Thursday morning would find Clea and I leaving at 3am!  We were the electric beotches this year.  Lord that was early but we managed to load 4 horses, 3 dogs and our selves into the rig and hit the road.   We took RT 30 this time and went south out of Fort Wayne and man was that a great way to travel.  For anyone who ever has that option we would highly recommend it.

We had to text directions to Cathy Geary as her Garmin was on the fritz and as I am telling her about Gordyville she says “WAIT I thought we were going to Illinois”  blahahahah Clea and I just shake our heads and laugh.  Earlier in the week hell she wasn’t leaving til Friday and thought it was a 3 hour trip not 7.  She should be so lucky we watch out for her 🙂    As we pull off the Ramp to make the final 15 miles through the windmill farms to Gordyville we look at the clock and realize there is a time difference.  We could have slept another hour………..not so fast although the gates for stalls open at 10 the gate to purchase electric opens at the crack of dawn.   Thank goodness we got there when we did we have 6 spots to buy and there were 8 left.

Scotty to Hotty and Rene would pull in right beside us at Gifford –  if you all remember Scotty to Hotty is a fanatic about parking.  Clea said to him “I was real proud of you – you only backed up a couple of time”   The Hefner’s were as straight back in their spot as a straight pin but no matter how hard he tried he could not get straight on either side of him.  Did I tell you we were parked on one side and Chase Marshal and Tyler were on the other? blahahah

Everyone would get to the grounds and get an exhibition – we had planned on a cookout but due to the chilly weather we would all head to the Long Branch for dinner.  We would have gone to the Oasis BUT it was closed – we almost turned around and went home………This is a fine little dinner that Maggie Mae owns and runs.  She was a little bug eyed when 22 people came through the door and another 5 were on the way.   I quickly saw the fear in her eyes and the fear of the cook who came around the corner to see us all moving tables.  We reassured them that all was fine take their time all was good.  I put on my bartender / waitress hat and got drinks for everyone and Clea sampled them as they were brought to the table to make sure all was fine.   It was a great evening – we meant some new friends and made some tips off the other tables we served.  It was a good night!

Brad and JennaThe weekend would start out with a perfect morning for an AMEN and bring some great runs from the state of Ohio!  There was no reason for complaining from this state.  The Henning’s would haul butt from Fort Smith to be Gordyville to participate in some great runs and take home some money.  Peyton would ride Sparks like a champ and even though a downed barrel would keep her from placing we were as proud as could be.  The youth riders rode like Champs and us ol’ ones didn’t do to bad either.  There were Shirey’s on top of the leader board on Saturday in the Top 10 out of 459 head that ran and all 3 found their way back to the finals to take home some mula!  We are proud to say KC Jane was carrying one of those 1D Shirey’s! Love ya lil gal!

Friday Night would find us all in front of Hotel Bloomer for a cook out with the gang enjoying the evening.  Saturday would find us at the Saloon on the grounds were I was Absolute – ly clear I had to much red bull.  I was singing at the restaurant to people “who don’t even know my name”  Kelly Stewart was singing right along.  Clea was trying to quiet us but soon Ellen would become the one who needed the attention and all of a sudden me singing was a good thing.  Sharon (Bobbie Hennings Mom) would be saying Dear Baby Jesus in between singing with me and listening to Clea tell Ellen how she needed to be quieted, and her friend Bob would look on with a questionable stare.  Joel would have to get up from the table a time or 2 to shake his head but all in all we had a good time – I believe

Our little Nina would have a blast over the weekend.  She would wait for Clea to “say give me a kiss” so she could say “NO”…. then blow her one.  She had the time of her life with Tom Theado and the other kids.  Nina Shirey you have such a great life ahead of you with your family and friends.  Clea and I are happy to be part of it. Clea and Nina

Next stop is WB this weekend for the 07 Money Maker Show.  We have not been there for awhile and we are looking forward to seeing everyone.   Kc Jane loves that pen and Clea will be breakin Cracker the pole pony out for a run.  Should be a great time with Becky and Helen!

We are looking forward to busting out all we have for the BOTB  Like the 7 Cactus Saddles, The Best Ever Pads, The 11 Charlie 1 Horse Hats………..oh and so much more…..

Hugs to all and remember be a little kinder to all you know and those you are about to meet!

Dawn and Clea

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