The Champion Center June 15 2013

Clea Peyton and SparksAs I get ready to end the day at the office and head home to ride some horses to get ready to head out again next week I click on Face Book to see the adorable little boy Keaton son of Kelsey & Roger Grow.  What a doll baby.  Then a picture comes in of Marley and Maverick  and I am all smiles over that,  beautiful kids make you smile.

As I upload Marley and Maverick someone on FB likes the pic of Peyton Sparks and Clea and it comes to the top of the news feed……….and I am once again busting a gut.  That is so funny, then I have to go watch the video and listen to Clea whopping Jody Theado’s butt after she sees the time.  End to a great day!

Life is good!   More to come on the BOTB show sanctions, State Vs State Race and those 2 Wild Cards are still out there!  Enjoy your week.

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