BOTB Teams are Posted

Well the teams have been listed and we wish them all good luck and may the Best of the Best win.  Watch for daily interviews on the BOTB Teams at or our Facebook page On The Road with Dawn and Clea.

If you can not attend the show you can watch from the world wide web at  Click on Web cast and there you are!  Thank you Mid West Photography & Justin Spivey for all your hard work on this project and bringing The Best of the Best to the people at home.

Tausha Schneider on War Bug Meyers
Baily Vantilburg on Get R Done Sunfrost
Stephanie Stout on Ice Down A Six Pack
Bert Thompson on Sunfrosted Sahara
Janet Kerr on Nonstop Soldier – scratch due to injury 😦
Sami Bair on Lucky Moonrise
Megan Preuit on Miss Banks To You
Matt Boice on Blast
Holly Mohn on Gus-Gus
Breana Hemsley on Spot
Cathy Geary on Perks Broker
Allie Evans on  Mikey
Valerie Watson on Seis So Sweet
Annie Johnson on Show Me Some Glory
Peyton Theado on  Tucker Nonstop
Morgan Henning on Heros Dashin Lady
Regan Henning on Story Tellen Daisy
Heather Palmer on  Little Bit Of Cowboy
Crystal Haskins on Sheza Streakin Bully
Kerri Greuey on Small Doc Daler
Danielle Harrop on  The Bullionare
Paige Campf on Dirty
Macie Davidson on Three Bar Meyers
Macie Davidson on Gypsy Rose
Lisa Cline on Waiting In The Shadows
Brandi Whitesel on  Lil Peppy Valentine
Brad Shirey on  Pretty Boy Bullion
Brad Shirey on Toasted Eyes
Sara Boucher on Frenchmans Lace
Sara Boucher on Lucks Happy Go Lucky
Penny Baker on Matrix
Chase Marshall on Tiny Bit Of Fashion

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