Tausha Schneider & War Bug Meyers looking to rock the BOTB

We like for everyone get to know the Best of the Best Teams.  We will be posting interviews from now through September 12,  2013……. We hope you enjoy

If you can not make it to the BOTB you can watch your favorite teams run Saturday night by logging on to www.mwspix.com.  Hope you can  make it to the show one way or the other.

 Tausha Schneider & War Bug Meyers “Ted”

Tausha is from the Minerva Ohio area and has made a showing at the Best of the Best Charity Barrel Race in Ohio in the past to hit the Top 5.  Tausha & Ted 2012Every time her and Ted hit the arena you can bet she will be yelling from the time she hits the shoot til the time she crosses the finish line.  Her great horse Ted has amazing speed with the 3 needed turns every time she hits the arena.  Tausha will be ready to take home the Champion awards this year – we wish her all the luck.  Look for the tall, thin, long curly dark hair girl with the huge smile when the Calcutta rolls into the BOTB – you won’t be disappointed.

How old is your horse?

War Bug Meyers aka Ted is a 12 yr old gelding that I have enjoyed since I threw a leg over him.

How long have you 2 been a team?

I have been running Ted for 5 yrs.

Any quirks the 2 of you do before you run?

I usually warm Ted up and then get off of him and wait till they call me in to remount to run our class.  This seems to be the best for him and myself.

What do you feed your horse?

Good Ol’ Sweet Feed – Keeps him going since he was young.

What is one secret training tool?

No secrets here – Just treats and lots of them.

How often do you ride in a weeks time?

3 times a week to keep him in shape and working great.

If you could name one thing that made you the rider you are today, what would it be?

My mom has been my idol and the person that has stood beside me, and made me the rider I am today. (editor’s note: Joanne Schneider is a hell of a horse woman, a hell of a rider and a hell of a woman in general.  Tausha you should be very proud to be her daughter and are lucky to have a roll model like her in your life)

What is your Favorite arena and why?

I have so many favorite pens from WB, Circle G, Good Evening Ranch and Hoppels arena to name a few those are the bigger arenas with long run to the first.  My grandpa always said if you have a horse to hook the first that is the money barrel!!

Tell us something that not every one knows about you and your horse?

My horse and I are pure old fashioned, we work the hard way and do our best to get it done.

Do you have any goals for you and your horse in the next year to come?

Ted and I are hopefully going to get to travel and make a name for ourselves in the next year.

What Charity would you like to support if you had the chance and why?

Multiple Sclerosis – My sister has this condition and I would love to be able to help out her cause for a better future.   http://www.nationalmssociety.org/about-multiple-sclerosis/what-we-know-about-ms/what-is-ms/index.aspx

What has been your all time favorite win as a rider. – Any horse, any time, any arena?

Winning the All American Quarter Horse Congress Novice Amateur Class.

We want to thank all the sponsors who make this show possible!  Thank you Cope Farm Equipment – You Rock!cope Farm equipment

Love to all and Safe travels

Dawn & Clea

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