Matt Boice & Blast are ready for take off at the BOTB

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Thank you to Jaco Brand Leathers for their support of Team Marley in 2013!  PJ you my friend ROCK! 

Matt, one of 3 men in the Best of the Best, is ready to show off his talent on a horse called Blast.

With the following wins under his belt he is sure to be ready to take on the cans at The Champion Center in Springfield Ohio.   Matt has made a name for himself over the years with wins like

– Winefield W.V. Futurity Champion – IBRF Reserve Futurity Champion – Fort Smith Futurity Finalist Top 20 – 5-55 Drummond Futurity Top 20 – along with several open wins and placings.

He has be perched upon several great horses in his life and continues to ride some of the best bred horses east of the Mississippi.    We will be looking for the frugal guy from Fremont Ohio to Blast into the arena and have the heat turned up for his first run as a Best of the Best Qualifier.

Matt Boice & Blast

How old is your horse and  How long have you 2 been a team?

He is 7 I have had him since he was 3. He belongs to Greg and Jenny Reynolds of Wayne, Ohio

Any quirks the 2 of you do before you run?

He gets anxious so just try and keep him quiet before we enter the arena.

What do you feed your horse?

Buckeye feed the Eq8 buckeye, Eq8 feed, Equidite supplements bleed block, TMD, ECJR, EQroyal blood builder – bleed blockMatt is an Equidite Representative and a proud sponsor of Team Marley.  Boice Ventures will be set up at the BOTB – stop by and ask Matt, Julie or Jackie about what it takes to get to the Best of the Best.

What is one secret training tool?

With this one it was leave him alone, it was hard for me cause when you run green horses you have to handle them more, and he likes you to stay out of his way.

How often do you ride in a weeks time?

3 to 4 times a week

If you could name one thing that made you the rider you are today, what would it be?

It would be being blessed with all the people who have had me ride their horses, the experience of that has molded me so much, and I would like to thank them all

What is your Favorite arena and why? I don’t really have a favorite.

I really like the southern states, the older I get the more I hate Ohio winters! (Editors Note: AMEN to warmer weather)

Tell us something that not every one knows about you and your horse?

This horse loves being out, all day and all nite, he cant stand being stalled up for long ,when we feed he eats and wants back out immediately!

Also I work another job have two kids Teila 13 Jonah 10

Do you have any goals for you and your horse in the next year to come?

No major goals at this time just try and keep hitting open shows and making the horses better with each run.

What Charity would you like to support if you had the chance and why?

Probably one for cancer we have had several friends and family members with this awful disease wish they could find a cure.

What has been your all time favorite win as a rider. – Any horse, any time, any arena?

It really wasn’t a win but probably making finals at Fort Smith last year. It was Rocknroll Frenchgirls matt-boicefirst futurity, and she had been sick off and on until just before that so it had us getting frustrated, but we forgot about all that pretty fast when she made her run.

I would like to also thank everyone who jumps in there and helps me at the shows, I am surrounded by hard workers who like to have fun, and have the same goal to get every horse to their potential.  Also Jackie Dotson, for taking the reins at shows to keep things moving forward, studying videos to help try and keep me on my game, she has been a godsend to my program.

To my wife Julie, for holding down the fort at home, chasing kids to their activities ,I wouldn’t be able to go without her support.   Good Luck to everyone!                                                     

Thank you to every person who will enter the arena to ride, watch, cheer or work at the Best of the Best – without you we could not bring this show to life.

Good Luck

Dawn and Clea

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