Valerie Vansickle- Watson & Seis So Sweet are looking to sweetin’ their trophy case from the BOTB

If you are unable to make the show please log onto and cheer on your teams from afar.   Thank you Justin Spivey and Midwest Sports Photography for bringing this to the world wide web!

What can we say about this next team. Beautiful rider, phenomenal horse and a perfect team.

Valerie Vansickle is a dark haired beauty, mother of 2 beautiful girls and one lucky girl to have a family like Bruce and Connie.   Val has as much beauty outside as she does within.  Her horse Seis So Sweet is one of the all time greats at the ripe age of 6!  For a horse that everyone thought was going to be a bust she sure has proven herself to be a must, a MUST SEE that is.

When this  buckskin comes racing up the shoot you can bet she will be looking to win it all.

Valerie Vansickle – Watson and Seis So Sweet

How old is your horse and how long have you 2 been a team?

She is 6 years old and we have owned her since she was 2 but I started running her last year

Where did you val watsonqualify and what placing was it and how many horses were in the class?

The Panty Raid is where I qualified. It was on Sunday and I won it. It was the best run we had ever had together at that point I couldn’t believe when the time flashed up. (Editors Note: we were vey happy for you and happy that Connie was able to actually leave the entry booth for that 15 sec to see you win it.  Ohhhhhh The Panty Raid Entry Booth Lord how did we survive?)

Any quirks the 2 of you do before you run?

Yes you have to kiss her nose!

What do you feed your horse?

Tribute Tough To Beet

What is one secret training tool?

Lots of walking and then a lot more!

How often do you ride in a weeks time?

I ride almost daily but six only gets rode 2-3 times a week

If you could name one thing that made you the rider you are today, what would it be?

My failures…. They drove me to be better, work harder, and overcome those who told me I couldn’t….(Editors Note – AMEN)

What is your Favorite arena and why?

Springfield, it’s so close and convenient

Tell us something that not every one knows about you and your horse?

Val missed the question.  We will tell you that she absolutely loves this horse and the horse loves here.  They both put up with each others differences to come together as one.

Do you have any goals for you and your horse in the next year to come?

I’ve never won a saddle so that would be pretty cool

What Charity would you like to support if you had the chance and why?

Alzheimer’s due to predisposition

What has been your all time favorite win as a rider. – Any horse, any time, any arena?

The Panty Raid on Six…. It was just a huge deal to me and she gave every ounce of herself that day!

There you have it, another one in the books. Keep an eye out for the next interview it will be up shortly.

We want to thank our sponsors for al the continuing support.Tru Honor Rehab

Until we see you again!


Dawn & Clea

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