Stalls for the BOTB – Stall Check In – Other info when you get to the show.

Here is a stall list and this is just the number of stalls we have under your name.  Remember the name listed is how they were called in.  Your name might not be on here and under someone else.   If your name is spelled incorrectly PLEASE don’t call us.  blahahahaha…. We mean no harm.

If you think you should have stalls and are not on this list call us immediately – we are getting very low on stalls.  If you are  traveling a distance and want to make sure you have stalls but you have not sent in your stall reservations or pre entries then please call to see if there are stalls open.  We don’t want you to drive a long distance and not have a stall if you need one.

When you get to the show you HAVE TO check in at the Stall Check In Tent (this will be a white tent outside the arena) NEW LOCATION!   You will get your stall assignment and electric sticker there.  If you did not already pay for stalls or electric and are in need of either you will need to inquire about both items at the Stall Check In Tent.    The Stall ladies and our Electric Nazi – Homer – will take care of you from there.

Shavings are sold at the arena by Tiz Whiz they will be there to take the shavings to your stalls when you purchase them at there booth which is at the 3rd barrel end of the arena, out by the wash racks.  If you are arriving late – after midnight any night- please note the stall assignment will be at the Stall Check In Tent.

There will be designated tie out area’s if you are not in that area and you are tied out you will be ask to move.  The facility put new signs up and should be very visible and they will be enforcing this rule.

I think that is it for now…… It is almost to BOTB time.  Get ready Road Crew… it is right around the corner.

Stall list as of 9/8/2013  – Stalls as of 982013

xxxoooo Safe travels to all!

Dawn & Clea

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