Morgan Henning & Hero’s Dashin Lady BOTB Qualifier

Morgan has always been on our radar – we always knew that she had the potential for greatness not only because of the horses she is mounted on but because of the determination she has.   She has this in and out of the horse arena. 

Thank you to The Shirey Family for being a BOTB Buckle Sponsor!
Thank you to The Shirey Family for being a BOTB Buckle Sponsor!

Morgan along with her sister Regan are both very active in the Light the Night Walk for the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society in Zanesville.  They work hard to help raise money all year and are leading our team in the walk. It is a walk to raise money to help fight blood cancers. Their wonderful grandfather lost his life in a powerful fight with Acute Myeloid Leukemia and Morgan continues to help with finding a cure.

You can bet that all eyes will be on this team as they power up the shoot like a super hero!

Morgan Henning and Hero’s Dashin Lady

Heros Dashin Lady (Lady) is six year old mare. Lady and I have been a team since July of 2012.

Lady and I qualified for the Best of the Best at the 2013 Ohio NBHA State Championships in the Open Finals where I placed third. There were a total of 121 entries in the finals.

We do have some quirks that I do before I run her. I obviously warm her. I put her tie down tighter and I wear spurs while I warm her up. When I am getting close to running I put her tie down back to where it is when she runs and I take my spurs off. When I’m on deck I counter arc her hard to make sure she stands up for me in the run.

We feed Lady 14% Patriot and Alfalfa Hay

If I told you my secret training tool, it wouldn’t be a secret anymore! Lol

I ride about 3-4 days per week.

I think something that has helped a lot is all of the different horses I have been put on in my life. I think it helps you become a better rider the bigger the variety. It teaches you how to ride different horses with different styles and how to adapt to change. It is hard sometimes, but it will pay off in the long run. I also have to give credit to all of the people that have helped perfect my riding and slow work. Penny and Kenny Baker, Brad Shirey, Cody Bauserman, and my dad have helped me the most. They have given me advice out the ying yang, worked one-on-one with me, and have been great teachers. I don’t know where I’d be without them! I think something that has also helped me is what Cody said. He said “You can’t go in trying to win the class. You have to go in trying to make the best run that you can and if you do that, your horse will do the rest.” ( Editor’s Note: That is great advise)

I can’t narrow my favorite arena down to just one. My top three favorites are Henderson Arena in Jackson, Ohio, Southeastern Arena in Unadilla, Georgia, and Gordyville USA in Gifford, Illinois. These are my favorites because I like the ground and the set up of those arenas. I also know how to get a good first barrel on Lady every time at them.

Something that not everybody knows is that she was originally Regan’s horse. Regan started having self induced problems with Lady. I was to ride her for a little bit to fix her and then give her back. Long story short, I never gave her back! Lol. I also didn’t like her at all and called her a mule probably for the first two months I rode her lol

Goals I would like to accomplish with Lady are to win the youth class that I am in at the Congress this year or I would like to win the Youth at the 2014 NBHA Great Lakes National.

The charity I would like to support is the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society because my grandpa died from Leukemia.

My all time favorite win as a rider was the 2013 Double J Ranch Open Slot Race. I won it on Lady. I was against some of the best horses and riders in the industry such as HM Cornerstone, VF a Sporty Design, Bug Ya for Moolah, and more.

Additional information about Lady that Morgan wanted to share!  I got in contact with Lady’s breeder, the owner of Heza Hero. He told me something I thought was kind of neat since Lady turned out to be a pretty good horse. He told me that in 2008 they had a drawing for a free Heza Hero baby. A person by the name

A young Hero's Dashin Lady
A young Hero’s Dashin Lady

of Leslie Howell won Lady for FREE. She sold her to a race horse owner named Greg Simmons who raced her several times before she took third place in the Illinois Futurity Stakes Race. He sold her to Patsy Anderson and Patsy sold her to us. He also sent me baby pictures of her! (:

And that’s all folks

Morgan thank you for your insight – great interview and we wish you all the luck at the BOTB!

Love one another a little more and enjoy the show!

Dawn & Clea

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