Danielle Harrop & Max are going to “bring it” to the 2013 BOTB!

Danielle and Max will be gracing the arena on September 15th 2013 hoping to take home a little or a lot of the money and awards that the BOTB has to offer.  This team has been running strong and will be one to keep an eye on.

Kelly Bowser, Danielle’s other half, will be in Wyoming at a futurity and as Danielle tells it “he is her rock” as the big shows.  She will need some encouragement from the crowd and if you see her before the race let her know.  “She has this!”

We wish them the best at the show and are glad they could run the race.

Danielle Harrop & Max

How old is your horse and how long have you 2 been a team?

Max is 8. I bought him as a 3 year old, broke and trained him myself. Started running him when he was 5.

 Any quirks the 2 of you do before you run?

I’ve run the gamut of trying to figure out how to get the most out of Max during my runs. He’s a little bit of a scaredy-cat so I try to keep him quiet. When it’s time to go, I pull his mane under my reins and that always seems to be a signal to him 🙂

What do you feed your horse?

I feed him a sweet feed mix Kelly has been feeding all our horses, which we have mixed at our local feed store. I supplement with Vitamin E & Selenium, and I feed him Bleed Block by Equidite. I also keep mineral blocks and Himalayan salt blocks in his stall at all times.

What is one secret training tool?
I don’t have any secret ones! I teach all my lesson students the same things I do with my horses, and they have excelled…most everything I have learned from Kelly, and others I respect. Our method is very simple, and horses understand what we are imparting to them, and they try to work for us. So if you want to learn my secret training tools, come have a lesson :))

How often do you ride in a week’s time?

I ride Max usually 3 times per week. I don’t really count or have a set schedule, but he seems to do better if I ride him consistently through the week.

If you could name one thing that made you the rider you are today, what would it be?

Determination. I started riding at 28, first barrel horse at 30. Met Kelly at 31, and had a great example to learn from, and I was mounted on a phenomenal mare, Cash N Charm. I was determined to beat Kelly :)). He’s my gauge – if I can beat him I know I’m doing something right!

What is your favorite arena and why?

Favorite is probably Congress. Always have had a lot of luck there, and it’s the one everyone wants to win. A close second is WB Ranch.

Tell us something that not everyone knows about you and your horse?

Max had a bad colic last year the night before the BOTB, so this year we’re going to bring it!

Do you have any goals for you and your horse in the next year to come?

Next year I would like to hit some rodeos and season him in the rodeo arena. It’s completely different for them, but I think he’s solid enough now. I start running my colt Evidence of Arson next year so I will have him for the horse shows.

What charity would you like to support if you had the chance and why?

Heart & Stroke Foundation. My father suffered two massive strokes, and therefore that charity is closest to my heart.

What has been your all time favorite win as a rider – Any horse, anytime, any arena?

St-Tite, Quebec Rodeo. I qualified two horses, Cash N Charm, and Roll For The Cash back to the short go, and won the short – go, winner take all, on my great mare Cash N Charm in front of 20,000 people. It was the beginning of our career, and so exciting for me, and probably one of the toughest arenas to run in, with tough competitors to boot 🙂

Enjoy the show and thank you Danielle for the insight!  Good Luck


Dawn & Clea


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  1. I forgot to mention one very important thing – Dr. Fred Shiery in Camden, Michigan plays a very important role in keeping ALL our horses sound and winning. Thank you Doc for going that extra mile for us and our horses all the time :))


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