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  1. Wasnt sure where to leave this comment so its gonna end up right here. I just wanted to leave some input on the BOTB show this past weekend. Dawn and Clea, you guys put on an amazing show. This was one of the smoothest running shows ive been to in a long time. The ground was awesome, the awards were awesome, just everything about the show was amazing. The ceremony for the BOTB contestants on saturday night was probably the coolest thing ive ever seen at a show! Unfortunately there were a few things that left a really sour taste in my mouth. To start, I was a little disappointed when i found out that horses were running the open on saturday more than once with different riders. I have never been to a show where this was allowed and the be honest everyone i talked to was in total shock that this was allowed because its something exhibitors do not even think about because its just known that you cant do it. If this was allowed i feel everyone should have been aware that this was something the show was allowing contestants to do. Lastly, as i was checking my draw for saturdays open iwas near a man who had 3 horses entered. He sat at the draw sheets and calculate where his “good” horse was going to be in the drag. The man noticed that his horse was going to be in a drag following a big drag and water, and his horse was going to be dead last in the drag. I followed him into the entry booth where he asked if he could switch his horses around and the people in the booth let him do the switch. As it turn out this man ran his good horse in a different drag where he got top of the ground. As it turns out his horse finished 2nd in the first division. Now, by the office letting him do this switch, they totally changed the results of the class. I talked to atleast 20 people who also tried changing their draws and none of them were allowed to do the same. I feel this is completely and totally wrong and this man should have been disqualified whether it was immediately following the class or not. The man had gave no reasoning except for wanting his better horse in the better drag. I was so disappointed because this show was awesome up until that. Im kind of sad to say that i will never be coming back because of those 2 issues alone. All in all the show was for a great cause and i was happy so see so many people all supporting the same great cause. Hopefully in the future these little things will be fixed.


    1. Hi Andrew Grant

      First I am glad you like the show for the most part and second although I can not change anything that happened at this show we have already made guidelines for future shows. I know we will never make everyone happy nor can we but I believe we do run a good show and are growing with each one. This is our 2nd year to put on this show on our own. The first year we piggy backed it on another show. I believe that we are doing something correct and will continue to do our best.

      To address your issues at hand – people sometimes need to run one horse before the other or need a tack change or whatever the case and we did allow draw changes through out the show and until the draw was posted or the class started. Once we allowed it for one we had to allow it for others. There was not one person that I am aware of that came up BEFORE the class started that we didn’t try to help – To say it changed the outcome of the show is just a guess. The ground was as consistent as it comes and I do not think that had any bearing on the outcome, although I do understand your statement.

      Since we want to continue to bring shows to Ohio and surrounding states we realize we have to have our rules/guidelines for our shows and have them posted. We did decide that as of Saturday there would be no more draw changes for any reason in future shows and we decided this for many reasons. WE have also decided a few other rules that will be put on the list that will benefit everyone.

      As for the different riders we did address that and it was one horse and rider team. We did not have a rule on that and it was to help a child out so we said yes that their trainer could run as well. If there were others you will have to point them out to me as no one else that I am aware of ran the same horse.

      Again certainly there is always room for improvement in any show but we will continue to make sure we do our best and put 100% into the shows we put on and always fix what is broken for the next one.

      I am sorry you will not return to another one of our shows but should any of the 20 people you talked to have any issues while they are at another one of our shows please feel free to come directly to us at the show and resolve the issue in person instead of waiting, that is usually the best.

      Thank you and you can feel free to call me at 330 771 3205 or email me at if you choose or you can always post here as we are very open about our shows and want to make sure we do the best for everyone that comes to them.

      Dawn and Clea


  2. I didn’t see your name as a rider nor any other Grants on the books should I be looking for another name. I want to make sure that I get the rules to you directly – certainly for your input on what you experienced if nothing else.

    I talked to my office girls and there were 3 people we changed draws on that they had noted what horse to run 1st and we in the office put them in the wrong order. That would have been on us not just because someone wanted to change a place they ran.

    Thank you for your time.


  3. I completely understand that no matter how well a show is run, you are not going to make every single person happy. Things happen and they cant always be controlled, and i am in no way blaming you for anything. I understand that the horse was being rode by a trainer and that it was a younger kids horse, but that kind of opens a can of worms because where does it end? Everyone would love to have their horse in the pen to make a training run….i also believe that particular horse is sitting top ten in the 1D in open and in youth in Ohio. So if you were still going to let this happen i guess maybe making it an exhibition type run where the horse couldn’t pull 2 checks, would be a decent solution. With the other issue… Yes i do feel that sometimes draws need to be changed due to tack changes and things like that but i checked the draws and this person had 50 horses between. Draws do sometimes change outcomes of races. Of course 90% of people don’t want to be dead last in their drag but obviously its going to happen to everyone sooner or later. But when someone is allowed to switch the order they run 2 of their horses so that they can have better ground on their good horse, thats just not right. I do not personally know any of these people so i am not trying to say they are bad people i am simply giving my opinion on things i observed.


    1. Thank you for your response. I was going to respond today as well to tell you that the horse that ran 2 times was no allowed to collet a check from when the trainer was on the horse and even though it was not announce for time only it was in fact that. It was made clear at the office they were not able to win anything or have that time count for that run. So things are not always what they seem until all the facts are on the table.

      Also to change the draws because of where the horse was in the drag did not and would not be allowed. In error on our end YES just because then NO.

      I am glad you gave us your opinion and as I stated we already on Friday decided that we needed to have guidelines for our shows that are in writing so there is no confusion – when they are not sanctioned.

      Thanks again and have a great week


  4. Show was spectacular again. Had an awesome time. Truly is Best of the Best. I won, I won. So excited. I took 1st place 3rd division on Masters. Do you have my address and did I win a buckle? My good friend Bonnie Kyser was asking me if I won a buckle. That would be so cool especially since my hubby won one last year.


    1. I need your address babe I just wrote out the check No buckle this year with it being a side pot BUT next year or even at the Panty Raid look for more goodies for all Message me your address hon and congrats


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