The Last of the Results

The Average is from the Panty Raid and the BOTB.  This was a $2000 pot and that is $500 to each division.   If you didn’t see it or didn’t enter ALWAYS look at the entry booth and on line before our shows to see what other things are happening to get you some more money or prizes besides the actual barrel race.  Congrats to the winners.  Please message me your addresses so I can get your checks out to you!

Average Race Final Results

Those darn Target saddles are so addicting.  So many are so close.  We want to thank you all for participating in this and helping Team Marley.   Dam it Stacy Hartman and Cindy Palmer you were so freakin close  – That Panty Raid saddle has one of your names on it!

Target Race Results Top 50

Thank you all for being a part of the show we could not have such a great weekend without all of you!  Thank you again and congrats to all the winners!


  1. As a show producer myself I want to give you Ladies a whole hearted THANK YOU for putting on such a wonderful show!!!! I’m well aware for the preparation, the behind the scenes work, and the aftermath of putting on a big show . . .its more work than most can imagination. Who would of ever thought that your show would of went from just adding 25 riders to one of my District shows to 400 plus in ONE CLASS!! I believe it grow bigger than even you ladies dreamed it would. You should be sooo proud of yourselves & give yourselves a pat on the back!! I’m sure Team Marley is happy to have friends like you 🙂

    About the awards . . .
    Like you said Dawn, Damn it!! Almost won me one of those saddles AGAIN!! Ill get one someday!!! I’m still very proud to have 2 horses that ran so consistent. Thank you ladies for giving us a saddle to run for, for being consistent!!

    Maybe I missed it, but who won the Mystery saddle? I wasn’t quite sure how that one was awarded.

    Love the sidepots & all the extra’s. Maybe next show, a target race for the Poles 😉 Miss Vanna was very happy to win a beautiful halter in the poles.

    Thank you for your hard work, it doesn’t go unnoticed
    xoxox, love ya ladies,
    Stacy Hartman


    1. well there I am crying again. Thank you for the kind words and we are the lucky ones without a doubt!

      The Mystery saddle went to Lane Robinson it was for the Friday night Pee Wees and it was the fastest 6 yr old. He was so happy!

      Poles will have more in 2014 in way of awards! We are excited that they are growing.

      Thanks Stacy your post means a lot to us and we are excited to have everyone enjoy the show

      XXXOOO Dawn and Clea


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