1 week later………..

Well it has been a week since the Best of the Best came to town and was inundated with the best group of people in and around Ohio, Not to mention Florida, Tennessee, Canada and all others.  It was a great weekend and we are not even sure where to start for the Thank you ‘s.

As we sit here to write this it doesn’t seem real, the Brown’s are winning the football game, as of now they are anyhow,  we will see by the time I get to the end of this if they do.  Cleat is laying beside us and beside him is Lynnies Dog Abby, then you have Monty by the chair, Kisses with her puppies and Drop hiding behind the wood stove as she hates Abby.  Clea is yelling at the Brown’s and how stupid they are – Oh wait they just intercepted the ball… now she likes them, it is a beautiful day and a great Sunday to end the week after the BOTB and feel like we are finally recovered.

First, we want to Thank every person who came to the BOTB and every person that watched from home.

To every sponsor, vendor and person that gave what they could to bring this show to life.  We thank you and we appreciate you beyond words.

To the gals at SunRise-

for carrying my load the month before the BOTB while I was focused on the show.  We could not have taken care of all that needed done pre BOTB without you all.  Thank you! Michele you are a superstar, always have been always will be!

To the Road Crew –

What can we say, not enough that I will tell you.  Becky Johnson and Helen Chambers for being the gate crew and making sure that everyone was where they needed to be when they needed to be there.  For taking vacation days to make sure you were there on Wednesday to help set up and get us rolling on everything.  Thank you for helping dig the trenches for the  gates so they were safe.  All four of us realized at about the same time while digging the trench for the gates, if the Dixie Chicks song “Goodbye Earl” every comes up we are covered. 🙂  You two are beyond the Best!

Lynnie, Carol and Homer for helping get ready 2 weeks before and helping plan what would make things better at the show.  Thank you for all the set up at the Sponsor tent you made it great.  The hours they put in do not go unnoticed.  We appreciate everything that you have done and will do. We love you!  Homer you are the best Nazi there is and we love you!  Natalie Larizza for being the trooper she is and a rockstar behind the bar, when we would let her.  Michele Cipcic for being right there with her and offering her hubby up next year for the job!  We thank our buddy Albie for being such a great kabob cook and making sure the sponsors had enough chicken for all.  40 pounds to be exact!

Kelly, Kristina and Don thank you for helping at the Sponsor Corral and Stall Office.  Don thank you for always backing up the gate crew you are always were ever we need you.  Thank you.  Kelly You rock as a bartender!    Josh and Crystal for having Becky and Helen’s back when they needed you!  You are the Best of the Best.  Sheri and Kevin thank you for being there when we ask!

Ted, Tina, Wendy, Noah and Lisa for all the food and cooking that they did.  Pounds of bologna and pork enough potatoes to feed an army.  Thank you Wendy for peeling those 🙂  All the pre time and great tasting food that they provide along with their great smiles.  We love each of you more than you will know.

The office staff-

that never left their post the entire weekend.  Mari and Cara for being the best with each person that walked through the door and always willing to help and being the best entry takers EVER!  Jody Theado for never leaving the computer until the last entry was in.  We collectively decided that for changes in the future … there would not be any 🙂  Mari thank you for leaving work early and taking a vacation day only to work your butt off at the show.  Thank you to Albie for getting the child here the next day allowing Mari to come early.

Mari for calling in the troops of the PA people who jumped in to write times and help where they were needed.  Susan Callihan and Nicole, Billy and Betty Kridle, Kim Decock (who is now part of the road crew) Our road crew granny Shirley Blauser who keeps Lenell straight but not Leon.  Jack Wokutch for sitting through lots of horses to keep times for us.  Autumn Thompson for being right there to help in the announcers booth.

Margaret Bookman and Hannah Russell thank you for helping get the items to the BOTB riders and the helping Mari with the horses when she needed it.  Shugie Stoneman you are the best Barb B&^ch anyone could ask for.  Chili and Sparks say Thank you!  Kylie will never know you wore her jeans all weekend…. Oh Wait the Web cast!

Brody Lloyd who sat that the first barrel from exhibition til way late setting that barrel without a complaint.  You are a great kid and your Mom & Dad should be proud.  For anyone that I ask to jump in for a few drags til the barrel setters got back to their post.

Doc Greuey and his district for being there over the weekend to be the pole and barrel setters.  Thank you all!

Leon for being wherever we need him to be whenever we need him.  Leon I am sorry I scared you when I yelled about the timer.  I am however glad to see that was not an issue after I freaked out about it 🙂 Way to keep everyone in line upstairs.

Thank you to the Siesky’s for all the gate and barrel help as well.  Thank you for always offering to help us – it is appreciated.

The Davidson kids for setting up their booth to raise money for Team Marley – They raised 72.00 in their bracelet and candy sales.  You kids are beyond special.

We can not thank Sara Edwards enough for her hard work at setting up the Team Marley Auction and Shirley Blauser for helping with this project.  We raised $2261.00 at the auction and thank every person that bought a ticket and every person that donated the items for the cause.

Lenell for keeping the riders moving and Dustin for filling in when Lenell needed that break.   The double trouble team with the Best of the Best running was spectacular.  We look forward to the future shows with your team work.   Lenell for his Calcutta skills and all the spotters for helping and Shirley for always having Lenells back!   Thank you for all the people in the Calcutta and your contribution and to those who donated it back to the cause.

The ground crew-

Not much besides phenomenal can be said about Tom Theado and Ben Lambert and their helper Justin.  Without a 4 in 1 with water on it they had the task of keeping the ground consistent as possible with every run.  With over 1400 runs for the event it was not an easy task but they were up for it!  We can not thank them enough for making the ground safe – not one horse went down- consistent and running 50 head and hour with big drags at 49 and big and water drags at 98!  We hope to have the 4 in 1 with water for the Panty Raid to make it easier on the ground crew and even better for the ground!

On a personal note Tom Theado – our main man – worked all weekend with a torn bicep muscle and still managed to put in long hours and A1 work!  Thank you Tom  you are without question a trooper.  We love ya!

OMG the Browns are in the Red Zone with 1:08 to go in the 4th and they are 3 points behind…..OMG they got a touchdown… 5 dogs just jumped as we all screamed.  Mari I know how it feels again to be a fan of a winning team……. well there are 51 sec left it really is not over but for that one split second they winners

Congrats to all the contestants that took home a saddle and any of the beautiful awards.  Congrats to Brad Shirey for laying down the winning run in the Best of the Best.  To MacKenzie Mullins for winning the Future BOTB Pee Wee Saddle.  And to all the BOTB riders you were all rockstars in our eyes.

Holy Crap the Browns WON!  OMG they actually won! A moment in History!

We will be sharing some thoughts on the weekend runs a little later in the week and will be posting the full amount raised for Team Marley once the books are closed this week.  We can not thank you enough for such a great weekend for this cause.

We would love to mention every name on this post but all you have to do is look at the results to see all the riders who are responsible for the results of this show.  Thank you all and xxx oooo to all of you!

We leave you with this photo – What a great way to start your week!

Best of the Best

Until we see you again at the next show!

Take care and enjoy your time together

Dawn and Clea

PS all checks and any refunds that were due have been sent as of this evening.  🙂

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