The Champion Center Nov 22-24 show was one tough race!

This weekend was to say the least TOUGH!  Tough from all sides of Ohio.

If you are looking to run in the BOTB this year you better be get your game on because there are some out of staters going to be knocking at the door of the Ohioans.

There were 37 horses in the 1D at the 1st show at the Champion Center to start their winter series.  With Ohio names like Watson, Stewart, Mohn, Essert, VanTilburg, Thompson, Henning, Michael, Theado and Shirey just to name a few everyone should be eating their Wheaties.  When riders from bordering states like Cox, Fries, Wyant, Hulsinger, Burch and Wagner come to play on our turf and can hang with the Ohioans you know it will be an exciting year for barrel racing.

Pennsylvanians are bringing their top game each time they cross the state line and we will be watching for all the bordering states to get their chance to play with the Ohio Big Dogs at the BOTB.

Congrats to Troy Crumrine on his Friday Night Open win.  Kelly Stewart for winning the Open on Saturday and Valerie Watson on her win on Sunday. Congrats to Troy on qualifying for the BOTB on Clint Van’s horse Maxim Kill, Kelly (if she is an Ohio resident – LOL)  , Valerie and Baily qualified for the BOTB 2014 with their top placing’s over the weekend and Stevie Young qualified her good horse OJ as well on Sunday.

Here are the results from page one the Open on Saturday.  These are the first 34 in the 1D – I over heard someone say that they were upset that they ran in the 2D.   Hell I was excited to place in the 2D.  A ½ second off these top horses, that is a blink of an eye and I think anyone should be happy with that.  I know I was.

results of 1D

We will be looking forward to the coming shows to see who will qualify for the BOTB and look forward to some great shows and great runs by all.

Thanks to all the workers at the Champion Center for all the hard work in allowing us to have a place to run in the cold weather.   We appreciate it.

Have a great week and enjoy the weather!

Until we see you again –  Love to all

Dawn and Clea

PS What did everyone think of the gate system?

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