December is here but Spring will be soon too!

As I sit at the end of the day looking at my monitor I see all the BOTB riders, big and small looking back at me through the icons on my desktop.

Brad Shirey the 2013 Champion standing tall above them all, Megatron Henkle with the cutest smile, Bert Thompson rocking her Charlie 1 Horse Hat, The Cline Boys ready to rumble and their beautiful Mother Lisa right behind them, the painted faces of the Pee wee riders sneak out from behind my Help Desk and Yahoo messenger, and Allison from Michigan looking like a supermodel poised in the center of my screen. Peyton Theado looking as sweet as she is, Val Watson peeking out from behind my weather app, Bre Hemsley with her huge smile beside Matt Boice both telling me of my daily reminders through the icon they reside on.

I look at each of them daily and am so thankful that we are part of something that people get excited about and I am reminded daily that the barrel racing community is full of such great people.  Thank you each and everyone of you!

As I make my list to take home to brain storm with Clea about The Panty Raid and East Coast Stallion Incentive Fund items to upload I am so excited for this coming April and The Panty Raid.  We have some good things planned and we hope that everyone will be ready to roll through the chute to win some big bucks!

Enjoy your week and enjoy the upcoming Holidays – Until then XXXOOO


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