BBR is rolling into The Panty Raid & The BOTB

When we release The Panty Raid show bill and Pre Entry form this week you will see that the Open Classes for Fri Sat and Sun are all BBR approved as well as other organizational approvals.

We are excited to bring the BBR to The Panty Raid and The Best of the Best in addition to the already great organizations in Ohio.  First we want to thank Brad Shirey and Nancy Adkins for encouraging the BBR to contact us about them coming to Ohio!  Thank you both for the kind words and trust you have in us

With just running the BBR approved opens at our 2 shows you will qualify for the BBR world show in 2015 and be able to run for over a half a million that’s  $500,000.00 plus in money and awards…. you know that awards thing makes me go crazy!

You will be able to sign up at The Panty Raid if you are interested in trying them out for a year.  2 shows and you are in for a run a the big money, that sounds like a plan. The membership is $55.00 and that is all you pay.  Great Christmas present!

BBR Rules to Qualify- You must run 8 shows to qualify for worlds – Our shows are BBR Double Qualifier Shows and each open counts as 2 shows.  We will have 3 opens at The Panty Raid and 3 Opens at the BOTB.  That equals 12 shows~ BAM you are qualified for the BBR Worlds  if you run just 4 of our open classes at these 2 shows. Pretty simple.

We are in the newly appointed Northeast Region and we will have regional awards and regional BBR money to run for as well.  The regional finals are held at the state with the most members.

Should Ohio get 300 members we will be our own region and be eligible for awards, BBR money at the BOTB and a lot of other goodies for no extra cost to anyone.  Did I tell you awards are up for grabs!

We will be bringing you more details on the BBR until then check them out at to see how they roll!

Until we see you again


Dawn and Clea


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