Pre Entry form for Panty Raid

STALLS  –  We have had a few people ask for the pre entry form and can they send stall entries in now and pre enter later.  The answer is yes you can .*NOTE:  There are 470 stalls at the facility. Should they fill up and we are able to get portable stalls they cost will them be $65 per stall.

Please indicate on the form your first preference to inside or outside stalls.  

Panty Raid 2014_entryform_Dec 12 2013

The Almanac is calling for a warm April in 2014 – That is our type of Panty Raid weather.

Let us know if you have any questions.

xxxooo Tis the Season  Enjoy
Dawn and Clea

You can go to Forms to the right on the home page and find this there as well or click on this link for a PDF version.  Panty Raid 2014_entryform_Dec 12 2013


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