Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We want to wish all of you a safe and blessed Christmas and a very Happy New Year. We hope to be able to blog more about the shows and happenings around the barrels.

2013 has been very busy and very good to us, we have our health, a list of friends and family that are tops, a roof over our heads and food on our table as well as food for our four legged kiddos.

When we think of the things we are not able to get done (the blog, lawn mowed when we want to, gutters cleaned, get on treadmill to shed some pounds {that last ones a joke we don’t stress about that}) and it stresses us out we just give a reality check to each other and let each other know how lucky we are and life is good and God is great.

We wish all a blessed new year and send continuing prayers to all for a peaceful 2014.

Love to all and please remember to be kind to everyone – you never know what is going on in their world and a little kindness might go along way for them on that day.

Until we see you again – xxxxxooooo

Dawn and Clea

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