New Deadline for Stalls…Tomorrow March 12, 2014

With the unbelievable number of stalls we have reserved for The Panty Raid we, as of today, must stop taking stall reservations.  So if your stalls are NOT POSTMARKED by tomorrow March 12th you will not be guaranteed a stall.  We put a deadline on the stalls of the 18th thinking that would be realistic BUT then the mail hath not stopped!   Anything received post marked after March 13th will go on a waiting list and we will not cash any checks until we know if you have a stall or we will return your money.  We will contact you either way should this be the case. Tie outs are welcome.

We are more than over whelmed with gratitude of all the people coming to the show and we can not wait to see everyone.  We will have not just the arena and outside barns but we will also have other barns on the grounds for stalls.  When you come to the show to check in,  PLEASE give the stall ladies a little smile and patience to get you settled in.

We will be posting this week about the Derby and all the Incentives as well.  Stay tuned we are 30 days away from The Panty Raid.  eeekkkk   Once we have our final stall count this week we will be posting changes in start times and post the entire weekend schedule. They will only be little time changes, but a must  to accommodate the number of people coming to the show.

Until we see you again xxxxoooo – Remember be kind to one another and love one another a little more each day!

Dawn and Clea


  1. When do you think you’ll have Prelim draws? Only asking in regards to maybe needing to put vacation request in. PS: hope Clea is feeling better


    1. they will be up probably around the 7th of april since the 28th is the deadline for postmark and then they will have to be entered maybe sooner. Do you need a late draw on Friday? She is on the mend Thank you!


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