Coming to the Panty Raid? – Please read and share with friends.

Due to the amazing number of people coming to The Panty Raid we have had to make some needed changes to the showbill and start time.  With the amount of runs that will be ran over the weekend we are trying to keep the late hour not so late.

We have tried to think about everyone coming, how near or far they are, if they have children or if they are taking work off to be at the show or working til the whistle blows Friday Night.   We have put our Road Crew in our plans as well – they actually need sleep to work, who knew.   We understand these changes may effect some people and if that is the case please feel free to contact us and see what we can do to help you. Our numbers are 330 592 5745 Clea or 330 771 3205 Dawn.

Below is the new show bill with the New Start times.  There will be more than 700 horses stalled on the grounds this weekend and the number of horses that will run through these gates will be nothing short of spectacular.  We are more than excited to bring this size of a show to the State of Ohio and welcome the visitors from 14 states and Canada to our home state.  Ohio has the best barrel racers around and we are not just talking about running cans – please help us welcome all the out of state riders when they come to the Panty Raid.

Our gates will Open at 10 AM on Thursday April 10th and we will be waiting for you.  We have one day to get the facility ready for everyone to come and enjoy the weekend and we can not open any sooner and we thank you all for respecting this time frame.

We can not wait to see each and everyone of you who come to enjoy the weekend.  We are looking forward to old friends and familiar faces and looking forward to the many new faces we will meet.   Safe Travels to everyone!

New Updated Show Bill  PantyRaid2014_showbill_March2014

Please remember should you have any questions at the show please come to Clea or myself and we will be happy to take care of what you need.  Pre entries are due to be postmarked no later than March 28, 2014 and anything after that date can be taken care of at the show office.  You can enter at the show as well. No worries.

Again – Thank you for making this show what it is about to be- until we see you Love one another a little more and be kind, it matters.

Hugs and Kisses

Dawn and Clea

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