Attention Chili Cook Off COOKS

OK so here is how this is gonna roll~ There is $500 bucks in the “Chili Pot” not to mention BOTB stall and Open items and a massage from “The Green Man”  –  Saturday April 12, 2014 from 1-3 come and taste some amazing Chili!

We will be selling tickets for $5.00 for an arm length.  The buyers will taste the chili and put tickets in specially designed boxes (cardboard and Duck Tape) and the cook with the most tickets win.   Now you can decorate your table/area any way you want, you can entice the ticket buys to put the tickets in your ticket box any way you want.

PantyRaid_Chilli_tshirtWe will supply you with a table, ticket box, a 4oz cup for taste testing, silverware and a 2 oz scoop to serve.  You can bring whatever toppings, sides and goodies you want for your chili.  You can bring as much chili as you want.  With over 700 plus stalls rented there will be ALOT of people there – ALOT!  So make your own decision on how much you want to bring.  Perhaps 2 batches instead of 1!

The Chili Cook Off will be at Ted and Tina’s Place – A Taste of the BOTB.  Everyone is welcome.  Dean Meadows will be singing during the taste testing and Ted and Tina will be cooking after that.  Any Chili that is not all gone during the tasting hours can be served up at Ted and Tina’s – unless you have other plans for your chili. 🙂

Each Cook will get a Chili Cook Off T Shirt.  You will need to be at the tent between 12:00 and 12:45 to set up your table, decorate, set up your bar whatever you are planning to get those ticket – not to mention that fact that your chili will be amazing.

All tickets bought for the Chili Cook at the end of the contest and we will draw for BOTB stalls and entries and other awesome items for you all to win.

Ready Set Cook!  If you have any questions please let us know by messaging or calling or emailing or texting…. 🙂

Until then see you in a few short days!   Can not wait to see you all.

Dawn and Clea



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