Panty Raid Stalls as of April 6 2014

Well here is the list of stalls for The Panty Raid as of 4/6/2014.   If you see any problems with your stalls please message us.  Please remember that they are listed as they were when they were paid for so make sure and look for all names.   If you bought stalls from someone they might still be under their name too.

Also please remember when you come in to the show have patience at the stall check in trailer – they will get you your paperwork, stall location and have a cold one waiting for you!   We expect Thursday to be a very busy day and please remember when unloading to show respect with parking and make sure to leave lanes open around the arena and to the other barns.   We will get everyone settled in.

Remember all weekend Ted and Tina’s Place – A Taste of the BOTB will be open for EVERYONE to enjoy.  Make sure and stop over for the weekend and taste some chili, have your face painted or a Henna Tattoo, listen to Dean Meadows and have a taste of the BOTB!

Stall list for the Panty Raid as of April 6 2014 -> Stalls as of April 6 2014

See ya soon

Love and Kisses always………oh and don’t forget your bike!

Dawn and Clea

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