Results from The Panty Raid Futurity 2014

Well ladies and gents we had a great time. We love putting this show together to show our appreciation for everything everyone does for The Best of the Best.  Tribute Feed and G & G supply were two of the sponsors for The Panty Raid Futurity and we thank them for being part of the show.

We Paid out over $80,000 dollars in prize money not to mention over $10,000 in awards not to bad for it’s second year.

All in All everything went very well.  I was a little slow on the payouts getting done due to how busy the office was.  Although delayed, they did get done and we appreciate that you can recognize the size of show and lack of sleep we had why there was a little delay. Should anyone have any issues with payout, the timing of them or anything else please contact me or Clea we will be happy to speak with you.

We also want to congratulate Loren Altman of Kittanning PA riding  NRR Playboy SunFrost for being the first Out of State Qualifier for the Best of the Best 2014.  Congrats Loran – We are more than excited to have you run in Ohio at the BOTB!

Below are the results of the races from The Panty Raid.   The Target Saddle and Side Pots will be posted tomorrow after we take one last look at them. Thank you again for being part of the show and we hope you enjoyed yourself, perhaps we will see you at The Best of the Best.

Love and kisses to all and get some rest!

Dawn and Clea

PS Sorry if I sounded snippy at anytime in the office this weekend or gave anyone one of my “Barbie” looks.  I was just trying to get the results and payouts done in the middle of the chaos.  Elaine McQuillen that one is for you 🙂 Mwah!


Friday Open 5D Results

Friday Pee Wee Top 10

Friday Pole Results

Futurity 1st GO- Results

Futurity 2nd GO- Results

Futurity Average – Results

Saturday Open 5D Results

Saturday Poles 3D Results

Sunday Open 5D Results

Seniors Results 2014

Sunday Youth Results 2014

5 YR Old Futurity

5-6 YR Old Derby Results

ECSIF Futurity Results

ECSIF Open Results

Paint Horse Sidepot

Target Race Results



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