BOTB Gets rolling for 2014 – Stalls, Vendors, Sponsors and more…..

cropped-botb_2013_logo.jpgWell The Panty Raid is over and the announcement of The American has been released on RFD-TV so we can get rolling with the BOTB!

First we need to get the stall forms out but we are trying very hard to keep the prices where we like them.  With an increase of cost at the facility for the stalls we are struggling with the cost for the riders and how we can keep our cost as low as possible but not lose money on stalls like we did at The Panty Raid.  So with that said we are waiting for a couple other calls to come in before setting the stall cost and getting the forms out.  The form will be out early next week for you to reserve your stalls- they will be pre pay this show as well and nonrefundable.

Vendors Forms will be up early next week as well Vendors will be first come first serve.  We will do our best to get you where you want to be.

Sponsorship Forms will be up next week as well.  The Sponsor Tent will be amazing this year with some new ideas that we have for all the truly wonderful sponsors and their families.   Remember The Panty Raid Tent was for all to enjoy and we hope you all did just that.   The Best of the Best Sponsor Tent will be for sponsors over $200 and will be open at all times for you and your family.  There will be food, drink, entertainment and more.

#takeaselfie #bestofthebest #sponsortent2014 #theamerican #bestdamridersinohio

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