John Spencer and Honor Last Chance mark their spot for the BOTB 2014!

John Spencer and Honor Last Chance AKA Chance have been on fire this year.  They qualified at Circle G in May and have been topping the charts all year.  For those of you who know John you know that he is about as nice a guy as you can meet and he is as good of a horseman as he is nice.john S

We are happy to see him joining the roster for the Best of the Best Slot race and we hope he enjoys the race and all that goes with it as much as we enjoy having him on the list of the BOTB!

The Best of the Best will be shining bright with the Qualifiers for 2014 – Read a little about them and what they have to say about their horse, favorite arenas and the people who inspire them the most.

BOTB Qualified Rider John Spencer  Out of Farmersville Ohio

What is the name of your horse?  Honor Last Chance

When and Where did you qualify for the BOTB?  The Race was on 5/9/2014 and held at Circle G Arena

What are the bloodlines of your horse? Jet of Honor x Teezin Tara

Can you name one or more people who inspire your riding?  My Grandfather Charles Wills Jr. who died in 1983 but is still my inspiration.

What is your best memory of you and your horse as a team?  The day I bought him.   He was one of a dozen colts standing in a field and when I went inside the gate he came straight to me.    I will never forget that day!

What is your favorite arena and why is it the one you like the most?  Circle G because I have run in that arena from their very first show.

How long have you had the horse you qualified on?  He is 18 yrs old and he’s been with me for 15 years

Do you have a favorite song you like to hear before you enter the alley way to make a run?    LoverBoy work’in for the weekend  editors note – aren’t we all!

Watch for John and Honor Last Chance at the Best of the Best!


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