Rene Hefner and Orbit Damon qualify for the BOTB at Lima!

Rene and Orbit Damon AKA Obie are a long time pair in the barrel racing community.  They are one of the teams that always work together every time they enter the arena.   In May Rene ObieRene and Obie turned it up a notch and lit up the arena with to make the Top 3 and qualify for the BOTB.

I remember Clea and I sitting at Becky’s trailer listening to see who got in that day and when we heard Rene’s name we were grinning from ear to ear!  Congrats Rene and Obie and you too Scott, we know how proud you are of them!

We hope you enjoy the race and the show and thank you for being apart of this special weekend.  Love having you!

The Best of the Best will be shining bright with the Qualifiers for 2014 – Read a little about them and what they have to say about their horse, favorite arenas and the people who inspire them the most.

BOTB Qualified Rider Rene Hefner  Out of Lima Ohio

What is the name of your horse?   Orbit Damon

When and Where did you qualify for the BOTB?

The Race was on May 10, 2014 and held at Schmidthorst Pavilion Lima, Ohio

What are the bloodlines of your horse? Moons Olene out of Top Moon on top

Orbit Hi out of Orbit Dancer, Northern Dancer on bottom

Can you name one or more people who inspire your riding?  My husband.  He is my rock scott and rene and inspiration, without him it wouldn’t be fun!! 🙂

What is your best memory of you and your horse as a team?

When we won our first saddle at the Midwest Matches in 1999!!

What is your favorite arena and why is it the one you like the most?

4T Arena was my favorite.  Loved the ground and the people who owned it.

How long have you had the horse you qualified on?

We have owned him since he was three years old and he is 21 years young this year.  He has a heart the size of Texas!!

Do you have a favorite song you like to hear before you enter the alley way to make a run?   The Happy song!!

Watch for Rene and Orbit Damon be out of this world at the Best of the Best! 

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