Roadie Membership Info

If you are not a Roadie yet you may want to think about becoming one.  We have a list of Roadie shows and approvals coming in daily.  Roadie Shows have to have a minimum of $500 in the Saturday Open to be “OTR Roadie” Approved and to be approved for the “BOTB Slot Race Qualifiers” they need to have $1250.00 added to the Saturday open – the Saturday Open will then be OTR and BOTB Approved.

In 2016 we paid out $1000 at The Panty Raid, The Royale and The Rebel Soule in a Roadies Only Sidepot and $11,000 to the Open Final.  The Youth, Tweener and Senior (now named Vintage because one of us is of age) will pay out $3000  All with no additional fee  – We always want to bring as much to the contestants as we can.  We figure you are making the trip to the show, you might as well be able to have as many chances as you can to bring home some money.  We hope 2017 brings mo money to the riders!

If you want your local show producers to approve your show it is easy, there are no fees just an approval form, Roadie sign up sheet and results to be sent to us right after the show.  You can read all about being a Roadie at


  1. I think the roadies finals itself needs a little tweaking for example if you are there to run the finals you should not be eligible for the final payout…something should be included for your division winners or double point it so the roadies have and incentive to come run in the finals …you should not get a chunk of the 11000 if your not participating in the finals….other than that it was very well run


    1. We couldn’t agree more. We unfortunately couldn’t change that mid stream and had to stick our rules for the season end. We are working on fine tuning those rules and getting them up in the next couple weeks. Thank you for your input greatly appreciated.


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