The Pee Wee’s Rock the BOTB and the WIN goes to Kentucky!

With their ponies painted and some of their faces too the Pee Wee’s take to the arena to see who will be the next future BOTB Pee Wee Champ.   Every year we see the Pee Wee’s, 10 and under riders, and their horses run to qualify for the Future BOTB Slot Race.   This year there was a $1000 pot, A Saddle and awards to the Top 7!  Every year the money grows and the awards do to.  If you missed the race here is how it went down.

Matin Jean Rautio and Hawkmatin would be the first out of the gate running to one of her favorite songs ROAR by Katy Perry.  Her horse Hawk is over 20 and  he’s a POA Pony. They have been a team for 3 years and she told us that her favorite memory was running at the Rebel Soule where she qualified for the BOTB Slot Race.  She said this was the first time riding somewhere and at a Big Show.  Although she loved running at The NYS Fairgrounds her favorite arena, in her words is,  Pretty much Lonnie Clement Shaws arena in Reed City because whenever I go there I remember how much fun I’ve had their with my friends and it reminds me of my first horse, “Champ”!  They set the course with a 21.033.  Claire Edwards and her steed Cheif would have a little stearing issue but Claire said she would be working on that and be back next year looking great in her bright claireoutfits and huge smile.  Claire also enjoyed ROAR by Katy Perry and said Chief who is a 23 year old Quarter Horse who Claire says brings her 2 great memories 1. Running at New York because it was big and a lot of people cheered and 2. Swimming with her horse.  Claire we all have those days and there will always be another barrel race.

Kentucky would bring Ms. Jennifer Mason from Mt. Washignton, KY who qualified at the jenniferRoyale and said their best memory is Making the finals back to the Pee Wee championship.  This rider is inspired by Lisa Lockhart and loves running to Kick the dust up.  This team did an awesome job ending up in the Top 10 of the race. Sport and Savannah Grow from Raphine, Virginia qualified at The Panty Raid and said their best memory is savannahRunning home and Giving a thumbs up.  This rider said she is inspired by her Dad and loves running to Kick the Dust Up by Luke Bryan.  You cant fault a horse for turning hard and coming on the wrong side of the barrel trying to do its job and with Savannah coming all the way from Virginia you can bet this team will be back in the saddle and kicking up the Dust with her Dad in 2017.    Winfield Time (Winnie) and Macie Peoplesmacie from Butler, Ky qualified at The Royale and said their best memory is Winning at Edinburg Indiana and placing second at the Royale.  This rider says she is inspired by “My Dad and My grandpa” and loves running to Fly by Madie & Tae.  Although a knocked barrel would be in the making for Macie she knows her Dad and Grandpa are proud of her.

Our next horse and rider came all the way from New York,  Borregos Lil Hickory and Grace Havengrace from Richford, Ny qualified at The Panty Raid 6th place and The Rebel Soule 1st place and said their best memory is Winning the Rebel Soule.  This rider is inspired by Fallon Taylor and loves running to Cotton Eye Joe.  Placing 7th after hauling in from New York is a great placing and we will be looking for another win in New York in 2017 for Grace.  Abbys Midnight Sky and joseyJosey Tracy from Petersburg, PA qualified at the Rebel Soule in New York and said My best memory is Abby and I is winning a peewee trophy at the IBRA super show.  This rider is inspired by her mom because she taught me how to barrel race and loves running to Fight Like A Girl.  This team will be hard to beat in the future.  Josey has already kicked her Mom’s booty a few weeks after the BOTB.  Look out Mom!  You have a champ in the making.

One of our Michigan riders, Ralph’s Driftin Heart and Kiley Taucher from Clarkston,killy Michigan qualified at The Panty Raid and said their best memory is Swimming in the lake together.  This rider is inspired by Jenny, my trainer. and loves running to Country Girl – Luke Bryan.  Although she had 55 gallons of bad luck hit the ground she knows she will be back and ready for 2017. brooklyn Zipalong Chuter and Brooklyn Butzer from Orrville, OH qualified at Panty Raid and said their best memory is When I qualified for pee wee finals for the first time on her.  This rider is inspired by Fallon Taylor and loves running to AC/DC Thunderstruck.  This team finished in the Top 5 and you big riders better watch out this is a team will be striking like thunder in the future.   Her sister  Ms. Britney Butzer on Tenderly Fashion qualified at Royale and said their best britmemory is making top 5 in peewee.  This rider is inspired by Ronda Casey and loves running to One Less Problem by Ariana Grande.  We have a feeling there will be a bit of sisterly rivalry in 2017!  Love us some Ohio Butzer kids.

All the way from my home state Pennsyltucky War Bar Baby frankieDoll and Frank Irvine from West Sunbury, Pa qualified at Panty Raid and said their best memory is qualifying at the Panty raid..  This rider says he is inspired by his Mother and loves running to any song that is playing Frankie’s Grandpa had some health issues and couldn’t set up their vendor booth at the BOTB this year but they made sure and made it to see their pride and joy of a grandson run at the show.  We are glad you are felling better Grandpa.  Frankie ended up in the Top 15 and enjoyed the entire evening.  Plan On The Money and Payton Watson paytonfrom Wilmington, Ohio qualified at The Barrel Royale and said their best memory is Taking Moana on the Indian trail.  This rider is inspired by her family and can’t pick just one and loves running to Timber by Kesha and Pitbull.  With a horsewoman like her Mom, Valerie Watson, this lil gal has a future as bright as the stars ahead of her.   Thunder and Bella Woodard from Fairbanks, IN qualified at bellaC Bar C at the Barrel Royale and said their best memory is Winning my 1st belt buckle at the MYRA winter series in 2013-2014.  This rider is inspired by her grandma Rhoda Carnahan and loves running to Thunderstruck AC/DC.  Bella would finish in the Top 20 and with a Grandma like the 2015 BOTB Champion we would be inspired too.  Grace, respect, beauty and nothing but class is what Bella’s grandma is all about and it shows in her children and now her grandchildren.  We will be seeing Bella in the future we am pretty sure.

megDixie Sugar Bull AKA HOOTIE and Meg Henkle from Rockford, Ohio qualified at Panty Raid and said their best memory is Winning the Panty raid.  This rider says It’s hard to come up with just one person that inspires her but it would be my parents and sister. They all work hard and are passionate about everything they do and she loves running to her favorite song by Pink and it’s called- Just Like Fire.  Well Meg was just like fire because Hootie was hurt and she had to come back and qualify on another horse Brittle to make it to the Slot Race and SHE DID and finished in the Top 10 – they were burning up the pen Just Like Fire!  rayleeKiowas Super Girl and Raylee Hennen from Wana, West Virginia qualified at The Rebel Soule, Syracuse NY and said their best memory is The first time I stepped foot on her at Yost Arena..  This rider says she is inspired by Fallon Taylor and my mom and loves running to Hall of Fame, by The Script.  Raylee finished in the Top 10 for a nice award some money and said she had a blast.  Always nice to see her smile.  Lemon’s Native Dancer and averyAvery Roese from Circleville, Ohio qualified at Panty Raid and said their best memory is Making it back to the 2016 Youth World Finals.  This rider is inspired by Fallon Taylor and loves running to AC/DC (Thunderstruck).  This team finished in the top 15 of the race and looked great doing it.  They were kicking booty and taken names.

JC pocos Boston AKA Babe and Ashton Kelley from Scotts, MI qualified at The Rebel Souleashton and said that was their best memory, Qualifying for the Best of the Best.  This rider is inspired by My mom and loves running to Chris cagle ” Chicks Dig It”.  We hope to see more of Ashton and Babe at the Rebel Soule and the BOTB and maybe we will make it to your home state one day!  Our girl from the great state of Coldwater, Michigan Kaylee Carnes kayleeon Rosey Posie qualified at Panty Raid and said their best memory is Winning 2nd in the pee wee slot race 2016.  This rider is inspired by Fallon Taylor and loves running to I’m so fancy.  This little cowgirl and her Rosey Posie (Rosey had just started back running prior to the BOTB) finished in the Top 10 but you are a Champ to us Ms Kaylee.

alleyComments a Streakin-Comment and Aly Pollard from Mansfield, Ohio qualified at Barrel Royale, Cloverdale IN and said “My best memory is running my first 17.9! It was so fast”  When ask who inspires her she says with a huge smile  “My Daddy inspires me! My daddy is at every horse show with me and always gives me advise and cheers me on” girl after my own heart.   Alley loves running to Who let the dogs out!!!!.  Although the BOTB would leave a barrel on the ground we are sure this team will be back for more barrel racing because “rubbin’ is racin'”     Bell’s Thunder and Filly Luke from Covington, Indiana qualified at C Bar C and said their best memory is When I stole him fillyfrom mama to peewee on! Hahahahaha.  This rider is inspired by her Mama and her sister, Cheyenne, and loves running to Hey Girl and We Are Tonight ….Billy Currington.  High Flyin Filly  (see pic to the right) is the youngest of the riders at the tender age of 6 she has some time to take home that Championship.

colbyColby Campbell and Pretty Boys Sage from Earlville NY qualified at The Rebel Soule at the end of July. Colby says his Mom is his inspiration and fullsizerender-4she must be doing things right as his Momma and Colby were both BOTB Qualifiers this year and we were happy to have them at the race.  He says his best memory is when he got his Pretty Boys Sage and he likes running to Eye of the Tiger.  Colby had a no time but will be back again, with his mom for round 2!  On a side note – this is how Colby’s interview came in and this is just one of the reasons that we keep doing these shows.  Put a smile on our faces when we saw this.

Although there was no time to interview the Top 10 Qualifiers from Friday Nights BOTB that landed them a spot in the slot race here is what we can tell you.

cheyenneCheyenne Bova Luke and Bell’s Lilly would win the Friday Night Pee Wee to put her in the Slot Race were she finished 3rd.  She was trying to give her Mom a little patience lesson on getting qualified.  This girl is getting low for the Top 3 win.

Hadassah Mullet and Lucy would be right behind her with a 3rddassa place finish and would be the Reserve Champion in the Slot Race.  Way to go Dassa!

Ali Baer and Chili would be right in the money for a Top 10 aliFinish Friday Night and a Top 5 finish in the Slot race. Talent runs in the Bair family for sure. Her sister Sami would run in the BOTB Slot Race with a Top 15 finish.  Way to go!

Raegen Mullen and Wrangler out of Fredonia PA would ruwranglern a smoking 17.769 for a Top 15 finish in the Slot Race and look great doing it.  Here and her pretty paint Wrangler will be a force to be reckoned with in 2017, we look forward to seeing them running again.

Brooklyn Baily and Cowgirl out of Charleston WV  would have a clean run in both Friday and Saturday and be ready to come back br-bailyin 2017 for another chance at that saddle and some money in her pocket!


karseyKarsey Chandler and Jewels Smokin Rocket out of Caldwell Ohio would be in the Top 20 of her first BOTB Slot race and we are almost certain she will be back in 2017. Her Mom and Dad may chase some cows but they make some pretty nice barrel horses and you can bet this little gal will be on board in the future to try to win a saddle and some cash!  We will be asking for your autograph in the future we are sure of it!

Jaxson Sharp  from Laurelville Ohio was looking good and singing “Oh Mickey you’re so jaxsonfine, you’re so fine you blow my mind” when he and his horse “Mickey” made it back on Friday to run for the $1000 and awards on Saturday.  Jaxson might have been out of the money but he looked like he had a good time while he was running for it all.

Jordan Lacks and Woodie out of Goode VA would be looking jordansharp as they ran for the money although a knocked barrel would be on this riders mind on they way home to Virginia it would not stop her and her Palomino horse from thinking about winning in the future.


isabelOur own Game Time Equine Sports Medicine’ Isabel Cumper and Jazz out of Freeland MI jazzed it up in the Friday Night Pee Wee to take the last spot to qualify for the BOTB Slot Race. Her and Jazz would have a Top 20 finish and she is working with her Dad, Dr. Brad Cumper, to get Jazz ready for 2017.  Isabel and GameTime will be at all the On the Road shows so she will be trying to get qualified early to make the 2017 win hers.

We had Pee Wee’s from 8 different states trying to get in the money and certainly take home a saddle and some awards but it would be a little gal from Mt. Washington Kentucky who champwould take home the Cactus Saddle and the big bucks.  Chick and Crystal Mason qualified at The Royale and said their best memory is Winning the Pee Wee race at the Royale.  We are going to bet that she has changed that memory to being the Future BOTB Pee Wee Champion of 2016.   Crystal says that she is inspired by Fallon Taylor and loves running to Turn Down For What.  Congratulations to this team and we will see if she is back next year to defend her title of Future BOTB Pee Wee Champion.

Well that is the rundown of the Pee Wee and we are recalling all the BOTB Riders runs and interviews this week for your reading pleasure soon.

We hope you enjoyed the show and we look forward to a great 2017

As always be Kind to one another and Love each other a little more each day – it matters

Dawn and Clea

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