2017 Season is off with a BOTB Bang!

This weekend would find us at WB Ranch in Swanton Ohio for the 4th Annual Tommy Wylie Memorial Show.  If you missed it, you missed a great show, a weekend of friends and fun.  The ground was good all weekend, the show office ran smooth as silk and the show over all was a success.  Thank you Lisa Wylie and Crew for all your hard work and thank you for allowing us to remember Tommy by adding more memories every year.

The weather was, wellto say the least, WET!  It rained Saturday and when we say rained we mean down poured!  Everyone was drenched from head to toe all day long but anyone you talked to laughed and would say “’bout par for WB”.  It was funny to watch as people tried to get cell service to get the radar on their phones because not only does it always rain at one point at WB the other thing is you know the cell service is limited, very limited 🙂 But known the less it is ALWAYS a great time at Swanton.

Clea, myself and the rest of the Road Crew were able to enjoy watching the show while chatting with Tom and Tammy Wylie, The Garlick’s and The Eblin’s.  Sherri you make sure and rest up you hear!  Tom and Clea talked a little bit about what it takes to make things work in any line of business and he showed us his newest pump for his business, interesting concept.  We enjoyed a fire Saturday night and would enjoy the company of Amanda Zoldak AKA Chip Dancer, Tausha and Andy, Kelly and Kurt, Bubble Gum and a few others.  Nice night by the light of the moon and a great weekend was had by all.  Mari and Morgan took home a little coin for their nice runs, Josh took home some from an always awesome pole run and the rest of us well were  just out of the money or totally out of the money but had good runs and a great time.  Monica decided she needed to be added to injured reserve list of the Road Crew and come off in the chute to break her wrist.  She is doing well and we are all sending her healing prayers.

Our 2016 BOTB and 2017 Panty Raid “On the Road” Sponsor Running Hard Products owned by Brian Langworthy and Terri Forrest were at the show for the running.  Brian, one of our 2016 BOTB Qualifiers was on the tail end of the Top 3 but we are sure to see him in 2017.  We hope to see both Brian and Terri running in the 2017 BOTB Slot Race, they certainly have the horses and talent to make that happen!  Make sure and check out their website at RunningHardProducts.com for all your equine needs.

califormai-cash-37Becky Barton had some amazing 3 year olds at the show running them for Time Only and let us tell you about California Cash 37, who will be in the ECSIF in 2017, will be rocking the house soon.  WOW this boy has talent beyond his years.  This 3 year old and the other Raise the Bar Performance Horses Stallion Jettastic will be sure to be at the top of anyone’s list for breeding in 2017!  Watch for all the info at http://www.ecsif.com

Ted and Tina were there and of course we had to borrow Ted’s electrical cord 🙂 – Ted was feeling better which made us all feel better.  Adam and Sue found their was acrossed the border to visit a bit and Don (Heather’s Dad) was looking great and said he was feeling just as good, makes our heart happy.

Samantha Garlick and her amazing horse who kicked butt all weekend and looked great doing it was in contention for the BOTB Qualifiying slot but a trip and nose drag with reins being pulled out of her hands at the 2nd would leave her out of the BOTB but because of her riding skills would leave her with a clean run.  We are looking for her to be at the BOTB in 2017!

It was great talking to Michigan Larry and Brad Marshall about the 2017 Larry Teubart Memorial Show and getting more Roadie Shows in Michigan and a Qualifier or 2!  We will be working with these gentleman and hope to see Ms Sally Kuipers have another Qualifier and hoping to see her brother Dave running at the BOTB.  He had some smoking runs this weekend that were BOTB worthy and we hope to see him there in 2017.

The runs would be fast and pretty and would get 3 new qualifier’s into the BOTB for 2017

Sporting her Game Time shirt, Heather Kosmozski and Baby Got Black Socks would run at draw 29 with a 16.372 and hold that lead to the end.  She came out of that arena with a scream and a fist pump.  ( I wish I had the video to post – it was great) Tausha Schneider and her Country Quick Girl would run at draw 130 with a 16.438 not enough to catch Heather but certainly enough for 2nd place. Angela Farris and Don’t Skip my Whiskey would run draw 137 with a 16.464 to hold onto the 3rd spot until the end.   160 head and the 3 on top would be going to the BOTB in 2017! Congrats ladies.

Our Roadie Membership is looking great already for the 1st month of the new year.  If you are not a Roadie yet and want to be to take advantage of the Roadies Money throughout the year and maybe end up with some finals money all for just a one time membership fee.     You can find all the Approved Roadie shows at this link. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VRMJOC3x24rJtNQ2ZZmbqVhQ2QA6DQbH9FbBUwO0STc/edit?usp=sharing   Also, this year Just Horsin Around will be a Roadie sponsor so you know Matt James will be kickin’ it up a notch for 2017!

You can sign up at any of the Roadie Show or mail in your membership.  Remember your points do not start until you become a member.

We want to congratulate all the BOTB Qualifiers through 9/17/16 – They are as follows.

Heather Kosmozski / Baby Got Black Socks

Tausha Schneider / Country Quick Girl.    

Angela Farris / Don’t Skip my Whiskey.

Bert Thompson / Shesa Truely Oldtimes – Kaylynn

Julie Siesky / JJ Mister Woodchip

Alyssa Schneider / On The Money Myers.       

Leslie Richards / Fishin Sugar

Antonette Mazzella-Gwinn / Reds Little Cruiser

Cheryl Lennemann / Drei Sieben

Gary Layton / Pana B

Nicole Fields / Dunit The Wright Way – Winnie

Mikayla Conklin / Flipper Ta Fame

Chelsie Clingen / Caraways Insexyslane

Caleb Clingen / White Alibi

Allison Campbell / Ice Down A Six Pack

Jimmy Cagle / Figure Im Special

Thank you Again to the WB Crew for a great weekend.

As always be kind to one another it matters.

Dawn and Clea






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