Roadie Points are up! No Seriously they are!

Well I know this is hard to believe but we have the points up today for the new season.  And before we go any further we want to thank you all for supporting this program, the contestants membership program, we call The Roadies!  We want to take a minute to thank a few others as well.

With the craziness of 2016 and all that happened we wanted to make sure and get 2017 season off to the right start.  One of our Road Crew, Ms. Julie, will be helping update all the points and Roadie record keeping this year. Well that is the plan, she hasn’t quit yet so that is a bonus.  Thank you Julie for getting these up to date so we could post them.

We want to thank all those unsung hero’s who help make the shows run and that is from our Road Crew to the ones who just lend a hand.  The BOTB would have never finished and been a success with out those behind the scenes.  Chris and Jack Wokutch who endured the heat of the office the entire time to make sure all the Pee Wee and BOTB Slot Race rider had their bags, shirts and goodies. They stayed to do times upstairs with Barb and Bob Conkle who were in the HOT BOX, the smelly HOT BOX all weekend long!   Although it was told Barb had to take a nap.  We only know this because we saw her running to get upstairs and anyone who was at the show knows that you only ran IF YOU HAD to in that heat. She was running (and when we say running I mean shuffling)  to get Bob to tell him awning blew off the trailer while she was sleeping through the mini tornado.  -Barb, I hope you are laughing as hard as we are!  You are tops in our books and have the Prettiest Clipboard!

Kenzie Miller (who is Chris and Jack’s Granddaughter) for stepping into the office window to help and doing a damn good job of it.  Also for running when needed and doing whatever was ask of her to help in anyway possible.  Kenz – Sorry baby girl I am almost positive you won’t be able to get out of Road Crew Work from here on out.  Don’t laugh Jack and Chris you are in now too……….:)   Mari and Connie for all your endless, never leave your wingman, hours.  Adam for being their when your Mom couldn’t and helping when you could, Thank you

Calcutta Momma Shirley as always for her help with the kids and Shugie for jumping in there in the heat of the moment to help.  Adam and Chad we cannot say enough about your boys always being there to help out when needed. Kel and Sid for never not being there.

Tomi and Daymon who never left their post to keep the show moving and Todd Adair who is always there to fill in for Daymon when needed and be right beside him when called on.  Thank you all for your time and dedication to the shows.   Susan C. for keeping us all fed and hydrated and keeping the leader board updated 🙂 – that damn thing, we will get it figured out this year.   Laura and Krystal for all your help in the office and with the awards and making sure everyone had there USA items for the ceremonies and Elaine and Krystal for the store run, I am sure that will be the first and the last!  Blahahahhaha

Thank you Ashley Rae and Dale for spending 12 days on the Road to come to the BOTB, Thank you for your kind words and your smiling faces we hope to see more of you in 2017!  Toni and Sarah thanks for all your help in the sweltering heat.  You need to watch you all will be getting a “Honorary Road Crew Banner Hanger Badge”  Thanks for all you guys did and do.  Lots of love headed to New York and Vermont for these guys.

We thank all the Road Crew and everyone who help in anyway and if we didn’t personally mention you on here at any point please know we thank you in our hearts- we so appreciate all of you.  Uncle Al and Aunt Carol you poor souls who would have thought retirement would have been so hard on ya!  Love ya!

You can find your Roadie Points at the link below.

Take Care enjoy and See ya down the Road

Remember Kindness Matters – even just a little bit makes a difference.

Dawn and Clea

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